Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Freeing Korok Forest Walkthrough

Freeing Korok Forest is a main story mission in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity and is part of the third Chapter of the game. In this Age of Calamity guide, we have the complete Freeing Korok Forest mission walkthrough for you.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Freeing Korok Forest

Freeing Korok Forest is unlocked after you complete ‘The Yiga Clan Attacks!’ mission.

At the start of the mission, you will be controlling Van Medoh and your objective will be to destroy 27 enemy outposts as part of the Divine Beast Battle.

While destroying the enemy bases, some explosives will start coming towards you so make sure you dodge them to stay safe.

After you have destroyed all the enemy outposts and completed the Divine Beast Battle, you will meet with Hetsu.

There are a total of 3 Korok Seeds at the mission starting location so you can collect them if you want. Follow Hetsu to the log gate where you will have to fight some Stalkoblins.

After the fight with Stalkoblins is done, you will have to take on a Stalmoblin. Defeat it as well and then again follow Hetsu as he moves ahead.

There is another Korok seed near the closed enemy base. When you reach the center of the map with Hetsu, you will now have to fight against Hinox the undead Skeleton.

Hinox will launch lots of quick attacks at you so make sure to keep dodging them on time.

To defeat Hinox, use Stasis attack to deteriorate his body and make his head the weak point.

After you defeat Hinox, leave the fight area with Hetsu and you will reach a blocked path with him which goes to the Master Sword.

There will now be 4 waypoints on the mini map and you will have to send a different character on each one to explore them. Hetsu will also be unlocked as a playable character.

Each path has a calamity infused version of characters called Hallows and you will have to defeat each of them in order to unblock the path to the Master Sword.

You will have to fight Hollow Mipha at the Southwest waypoint path, Hollow Daruk at the Southeast waypoint path, Hollow Revali at the Northwest waypoint path and Hollow Urbosa at the Northeast waypoint path.

Astor Boss Fight
After you clear all the waypoints, a cutscene will play and you will reach the Master Sword location.

Link will have his Master Sword and now you will have to take on the Boss, whose name is Astor.

First, he will send multiple Hollows at you and after you clear them, he himself will appear.

Astor’s attacks include multiple dark energy attacks. You will to stay sharp throughout the duel to dodge them.

In one attack, he will launch multiple dark energy balls towards you. Runaway from their direction to avoid them.

In another attack, he will summon dark energy from beneath the ground where you will be standing. Move out to avoid it.

In one attack, he will summon a large dark energy ball and then use it to dash towards you. In order to escape it, you will have to time the dodge perfectly.

Keep avoiding his attacks and then hit him back to drain his health. Once his health is half gone, he will start summoning more dark energy attacks.

Astor will also summon Hollows to help him in the fight. When he is very weak, Astor and his surroundings will turn dark which will mean he is preparing his most lethal attack.

Once you finish off Astor, Freeing Korok Forest will be complete.

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