Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Divine Beasts Guide

Excited about controlling the Divine beasts in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity? Don’t get too excited as you will not get to control these colossi at the start of the game.

We’ll let you know when and how you can start using the Divine beasts to sweep away swarms of enemies in this detailed guide on the Divine Beasts in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Divine Beasts

As the story progresses, certain quests will require you to pilot those Divine Beasts.

There are four characters in the game Daruk, Mipha, Reval and Urbosa! Each of them has their own Divine Beast and you will use these characters to pilot these beasts accordingly.

Once you have piloted the Divine beasts of the respective players, you will then have Divine beasts featured side quests too.

Let us talk about each Divine Beast and the phase of the game where you get to unlock and pilot them.


Wah Ruta is Mipha’s Divine Beast, which is just like an armored, horrendous elephant!

You will be lucky to pilot this armies slayer when you play ” Mipha, the Zora Princess” in chapter two. This is the final Mipha’s introductory mission.

At the end of the mission, you will have to take out 4000 enemies! But that shouldn’t be a problem as your VAH RUTA can take almost everyone out with one charged attack.

Take the enemies with an exclamation mark out first, and make sure to recharge your special attack to use it effectively.

You will be rewarded 1 Ethereal Stone, 10 Swift Violets, 10 Armored Porgy and 400 Rupees.


This is Daruk’s Divine Beast that you will unlock and get to pilot for the first time even in the final of the Daruk’s introductory missions, ”Daruk, the Goron Hero”.

You will be required to lay waste to the enemies who have overrun Death mountain.

Taking these enemies out will surely not be a problem as this Beast is capable of bombarding any area with lava once you have chosen it.

At the end of the mission, bombard the area with lava using your divine Beast and obtain the rewards.


This machine is not only capable of great destruction, but to add to its glory, it can even fly!

You will steer this flying Beast while playing ” Freeing Korok Forest” in chapter three. Revali will be steering his Beast to clear the forest off of enemies.

This machine is capable of different types of attacks. It can shoot enemies in straight directions and also directly below it too!

Its special attack will take a high flight into the skies and then come bombarding down onto the ground. Once the forest is cleared, you can obtain your rewards.


This four-legged machine is so tall that it almost looks like a Brachiosaurus but without a tail. Urbosa will steer this amazing Divine Beast at the start of chapter 4 while you will play, ” Destroy the Yiga Clan” mission.

In this mission, Urbosa will use Vah Naboris capabilities against the Yiga clan base.

She will destroy their defenses using the powerful lightning attacks, which require some energy to charge them.

For the special attack, the recharge has to be full, but it comes with its benefits. The special attack allows the Divine Beast to blast through everything in its surrounding!

Once the quests are finished, you will obtain your well-earned rewards.