Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Destroy the Yiga Clan Walkthrough

Destroy the Yiga Clan mission is part of the fourth chapter of Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. Below is our...

Destroy the Yiga Clan mission is part of the fourth chapter of Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. Below is our complete Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Destroy the Yiga Clan walkthrough.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Destroy the Yiga Clan

In this walkthrough of Destroy the Yiga Clan mission in Age of Calamity, we will give you the location of all the secrets, how to proceed through the mission and deal with enemies.

Yiga Hideout

Pilot Vah Naboris, the final Divine Beast, to Yiga Clan’s Hideout. You just have to get to the end with all of your hearts intact.

You can create consistent lightning strikes keep an eye on the electricity meter on the left. Also, you have a shield and an AOE attack at your disposal.

There are three outposts you need to capture inside the hideout.

When you enter the hideout, there will be three areas marked on the map with three enemies to defeat at each point.

The first outpost will have a Blue Moblin; defeat it to get that outpost.

Now head-on into the next room, be wary of the spikes flying around in the room.

Keep going down the hallway and eventually, you will reach the next outpost, where you will have to defeat a large Yiga Clan Member.

In this room, there are a lot of Mighty bananas, so make sure to wreck all the boxes.

Now make your way to the room with the waterfall for the final outpost, here you will have to defeat another Large Yiga Clan member.

Helping the Scout

In the northern part of the hideout, there is a scout that you need to rescue/help a scout trapped by two Yiga Blade Masters.

Now keep heading down the path to the very last room on the map.

Get ambushed by and defeat a Yiga Blademaster, go south and enter the hallway with the spikes on the floor.

Wait for the spikes to go down, then make a dash for it. Once in the big room, be careful of additional spikes on the floor.

Keep heading forward. Take the path leading back to the very first room of the hideout.

From here, take the southern door, fight off an Electric Moblin to reach the waypoint. Speak to the Scout, then fight off a Yiga Blademaster that appears.

Secret Door

The scout leads you to and unlocks a secret hidden door. In the next room, prepare to meet an old foe, Sooga.

Don’t worry too much; this fight doesn’t see him using new moves except for an expanding purple shield, which, if you get hit by, allows Sooga to hit you with a combo. This can, however, be countered with remote bombs.

After dealing with Sooga, continue on to the next waypoint and prepare for the final boss fight. Master Kohga, another familiar face, is your opponent.

He has new moves in store for you, mainly involving metallic discs that he throws at you or alternatively rides.

You can counter them with your runes, but their frequency is so fast that you will run out of Sheikah Slate, but the attacks won’t have finished.

As the fight progresses, Sooga will appear again and now it will be 2 vs 1.

If things get too tough and you can’t dodge or counter all of the attacks, then you may need to retreat a little, more like run in the opposite direction.

Do this to get a breather and to put some distance between you. Sooga will be easier to take down this time as he has lesser health points.

Once both the bosses have been taken down, you will now have unlocked the When Courage Fails mission and ended Destroy the Yiga Clan chapter.

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