Hunt: Showdown Beginners Guide

Our Hunt: Showdown Guide to Beginners will teach you everything you need to get started with Crytek’s latest. Our guide includes some general Tips.

Our Hunt: Showdown Beginners Guide will teach you everything you need to get started with Crytek’s latest. Our guide includes some general Tips and Tricks to help you track down monsters in an efficient manner, collecting bounties, and escaping other Hunters.

Hunt: Showdown Beginners Guide

Since the game contains a beautiful but brutal world filled with monsters and other players looking for absolute victory, it can be quite challenging. Thankfully, these Hunt tips and tricks are here to guide you through this perilous journey.

Earning Money And XP

You play as the ‘Hunter’ and you can choose one from the tab labelled ‘Hunter’ in game. Each Hunter has a different weapon loadout. More weapons can be purchased from the ‘Store’ tab. XP and money are required for purchase of Firearms, Gadgets, and Skills.

A good way to earn XP is by killing enemy AIs. Killing monster bosses and other Hunters will also grant you XP along with money. The objective of the game, labelled as ‘Contracts’, is to track and hunt down monsters in the 18th century Louisiana.

Locating And Killing Monsters

The map in the game allows players to find ammo supply crates shown as carts. As for pinpointing monsters’ precise location, you can use the ‘Dark Sight’ ability by holding the ‘E’ key.

This will alter your vision so that the clues that monsters leave behind appear as blue shining light in the distance. Following this trail of clues will eventually lead you to the monster.


Sound in the game is tied to the game mechanics in an important way. Firing shots blankly may alert other players of your location. Some monsters are able to respond due to the sound that you make walking through swamps or sprinting through the forests.

Before encountering any particular monster, it is highly advisable to read up on them to get some background information which can prove to be quite important in combat. These bits of information will appear as templates during loading screens and browsing menus.

These tips will give you info. on weaknesses of certain bosses including weapons they may be vulnerable against. Some info. will be regarding the effects of the hits of the monster once they deal damage to your character, this includes poison build-up, bleeding effects, etc. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to read!

Once you reach the monster, it’s important to know which weapons deal more damage in a shorter amount of time. Shotguns and powerful Revolvers are really useful with dealing these bosses. Dynamites also do a tonne of damage so make sure to upgrade those.

Note: during battle, always revive your teammate because going after a boss on your own is a mistake you shouldn’t be carrying out. I mean it! Some monsters like the spider still lives on even when its health bar runs out. A minor attack like a stab will put down the monster for good.

Collecting Bounties And Escaping Hunters

Now this is where the second and more interesting part of the game arises: other Hunters. Once a monster boss has been defeated, the Hunters who’d have achieved that feat will be able to collect bounties off of the monsters.

This will alert other players (parties of two) and give them your location on the map. They can track you down using the same ‘Dark Sight’ we mentioned earlier. This time, the location for the players with bounties will have lightning strikes over that area. Now it becomes a game of cat and mouse.

One team has to escape by getting to the extraction point while the many other teams have to track that one team down. For dealing with these other hunters, it is advisable to not roam in open fields since that is an easy target.

Furthermore, during nighttime, enemies may notice movements in water due to moonlight so stay clear of that. Lastly, flares can mess with the vision of the hunters and disturb their aim.

Here are some more tips briefed so that you can have a better experience in the gameplay:

Remember the number of players you have taken out
As there is no actual counter of the number of players remaining so you should keep in mind to remember the enemies you have taken out.

Focus on the clue color
If the clue’s seal is broken, it means someone already opened it and maybe they are nearby. But if it is not and the color is red, it is because another player is nearby approaching you or just present close to you.

Opening barricaded doors
There must be a window near a barricaded door, shoot at the barricade from the other side and that will open the door.

The nearest extraction point is not always a good idea
There are two tips involved in this one. The first one is that there could be another team camping near that extraction point waiting for your team to finish up the boss and walk towards the exit so they could ambush you, so don’t take that exit. The second is that you could be the team camping in the bushes waiting for the other team to proceed go the exit after they finish.

Get the sticky bomb out and move away
The heading pretty much covers this one. No need for description

The ravens fly when you get near them. So, if ravens are flying somewhere it means that an enemy is near those ravens.

Ammo is not enough
There is not enough ammo in order to take everyone out so try to save up ammo as much as you can and use melee more often.

Always resupply when done with the boss
Yeah just do that.

Cripple enemies
Don’t kill the undead just cripple them using your melee and hit their legs. You will be quiet and can walk away easily.

Kill dying horses using throwing knives
If you use your gun it will alert the enemies and in the same way avoid dogs and hen and every animal that can make noise and alert the enemies.

Use blunt objects to take them out or you will be immolated.

Use Traps
Traps can be very beneficial as they save your ammo and don’t alert other enemies.

Following these Hunt: Showdown Tips closely and improvising where necessary will allow you to reach your goal with a bag full of bounties for a whole bunch of upgrades applicable on your character. Now, you’ll be able to prepare for the next battle in an even better shape.

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