Hunt: Showdown Is Free To Play This Weekend On Steam

This is a good chance to check the game out for yourself and if you like it, then you can purchase Hunt: Showdown at a 20% discount.

Crytek’s multiplayer swamp horror game Hunt Showdown is free to play at this very moment and this free weekend is scheduled to close on August 13th, Monday at about 6 pm UK time.

Apart from that there will also be a 20 percent discount on Steam for this game, which shall also follow the same duration. Currently, with the discount, it is priced at £20.79 down from £25.99.

This is not the only good news, with this free weekend event, the addition of South American servers to the game also coincide, so you definitely have a lot to look forward to.

As you may know, this game has been in Eary Access and the devs have been super busy trying to add content, as well as updates to Hunt: Showdown.

Talking about Crytek trying to make something out of this game, following the weekend this game will also be getting a Water Devil monster, which was confirmed by marketing manager Angela De Castro in an interview.

We noticed that a lot of people were feeling very safe in the water, Too safe, you might say. I myself would hear gunshots, and I would take a shortcut through the water and everything would be fine. We don’t want that to happen anymore – we want it to be super high-tension all the way through the match.

So fans out there can be sure that Crytek is trying hard to make this game last long enough to be remembered, so expect more things related to it in the coming days.

Apart from that since Hunt: Showdown is free this weekend, we would recommend you to at least check it out for yourself, even if you do not want to purchase it. Also if you don’t know what to do exactly, then worry not.