How To Get Stone Hatchet in GTA Online

Here's how you can pick up the GTA 5 stone hatchet weapon as a Red Dead Redemption 2 promotional item, and use it in that game too.

This GTA Online Stone Hatchet guide will help you unlock the hidden Stone Hatchet melee weapon by completing 5 bounty missions.

GTA Online Stone Hatchet

While it will only be one more addition to the huge amount of different weapons that players are able to obtain in Grand Theft Auto Online, ranging from regular pistols and assault rifles to miniguns, rocket launchers, and a market for an orbital weapon satellite, the stone hatchet is distinctive due to it being a promotional item.

Players were also able to obtain a golden double-action revolver by following a special map and going on a treasure hunt, which was also intended to promote Red Dead Redemption 2, so the GTA 5 stone hatchet weapon is the second in what might be a number of special promotional weapons.

How to get the Stone Hatchet
First, you’ll be getting a text message from Maude Eccles, after which you will be able to see a silhouette of a person’s head with a crosshair on it. Maude will start giving you bounties to kill.

While there are twenty of these that you can complete, you only have to do five in order to get the treasure map that will lead you to the hatchet.

Locating and Capturing a Bounty Target
To find your target, use their photos as a reference and listen for bells to locate them. Getting closer to your target will ring a faint bell, once you hear it, pause for a second and check the area around you.

You’ll get the reward based on the condition of your bounty. If they are alive, you will receive $10,000. However, if they happen to be dead, you will receive $5,000.

To bring them in alive, you’ll have to beat them into submission until they are ready to follow you to Maude’s house.

Finding the Stone Hatchet
Once you’ve dealt with the bounties, you will receive a text from Maude regarding a stash somewhere. Head for the gold marker and you’ll find a small chest. As soon as you open it, you’ll be ambushed by a bunch of enemies. Keep your guns ready.

Once you have the hatchet, you can trigger the Rampage ability by killing a player or an NPC with it. You will have a cooldown of 30 seconds before you can activate Rampage again.

Stone Hatchet Challenge
The Stone Hatchet challenge, if completed, will reward you with $250,000 in GTA Online, as well as access to the same axe in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll have to make sure both games are on your account. Get into a gang fight, and start chopping away at your enemies. Should be easy enough

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