How to Win at Darts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If you have been playing Final Fantasy VII: Remake for a while now, then you must know about this exciting darts mini-game that you will be able to play in Chapter 3 Home Sweet Slum. In this guide, we will show you How to Win at Darts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake with ease and earn the Luck Up materia.

You have to play darts and then beat the score of Wedge in order to win the game and when you win you will get Luck Up materia in the game which is like the best thing in the game at the level you are.

You can then start an advantage as you start leveling up in the game and improve your critical hit rates and get items from enemies who have steal ability.

How to Win at Darts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So when you are done with the first two chapters, in the 3rd chapter when you go to sector 7 slums you will be able to visit Seventh Heaven bar. Here, when you engage with the dartboard you will be able to play it right away.

So basically you have to clear the score as much as you can in 7 darts, which will seem difficult at first but do not worry as we have you covered.

In chapter 3 when you are waiting for Tifa you will be able to play those darts, but do keep in mind that you can only play during your second visit and not first.

You will be able to start the tutorial by pressing the triangle when you are standing in front of the dartboard.

So you have to score 301 points exactly in the game and also do so without going over, 301 is the score of Wedge and you have to beat that score to win the game.

In terms of scoring, you will score the points on the basis of your placement of dart, the outer ring is called double ring and if you hit there you will be able to score double points, the center ring is a triple ring and you will be able to score three points.

And the bullseye in the center will score you 50 points which definitely seems the highest point-scoring spot but no, the highest point-scoring spot is the 20’s triple ring and it will get you 60 points.

The winning is quite simple, you just have to hit that 20’s triple ring five times and you will get 300 points in total and then the final point can be obtained by hitting 1’s single ring.

Now even if you miss one dart, you will have an extra dart to hit and you can beat Wedge’s score.

Now there are some extra tips that you can follow to hit the darts perfectly every time:

  • First the basic thing is you have to press X to throw the dart.
  • You will see the ring shrinking around the aim that you set so keep that in mind.
  • You will be able to hit the dart more accurately when the ring is smaller, keep that your priority.
  • But the ring will only shrink twice and you will have two best chances to hit the dart perfectly.
  • There will be resistance in a specific direction so keep that in mind when hitting the dart.
  • You will be able to have better control over the hitting if you press the joystick from very end.

These are some tips that can help you better aim and control the darts and hitting.

Then you will be able to get the reward at the end of Chapter 4 Mad Dash where Wedge will acknowledge your dart skills and will give you the luck up materia for which you went through all that trouble