How to Use Summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

As any Final Fantasy fan might be aware, FF7 Remake also includes Summons to assist you in battle. In this guide, we will teach you how to use summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and give a list of all available summons.

How to Use Summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

You can bring forth powerful creatures to help you in the midst of a battle with the use of magic and spells. These are known a Summons in FF7 Remake and they range from being kind of proficient with magic to being full-on gods.

You can use Summons after you’ve obtained some summon materia that you can put on equipment slots.

When they’re equipped, you will spot a summon gauge that will start filling up on the right side of your screen as you play. You can bring forth the Summon once the gauge is full.

Summon Materia can be obtained while playing through the story and so far as we know; you can only equip one type per battle. Summons will stay active and start automatically attacking foes for a limited duration in which they cannot be taken out by enemies.

Summon abilities use up ATB charges. The more powerful the ability, the more ATB charges will get used up. After the Summon’s gauge is empty, it will do one final attack before disappearing.


Below is a list of all the summons available in FF7 Remake that you can call upon to aid you in combat

This summon is a headband wearing Moogle on top of a Chocobo. It does an attack is called Fat Chocobo and it will leave with a final attack called the Deathblow.

This summon is able to use fire attacks to set things ablaze. Its materia is obtained at the end of Chapter 3.

Radiant Plume calls forth fires from below to consume an enemy and others in the vicinity. The Crimson Dive attack brings down firey fury upon enemies from above and the final attack is Hellfire.

Shiva also has the title of Ice Empress. Her main attack is Diamond Dust which she uses to freeze enemies in a block of ice.

Leviathan uses water magic and aquatic attacks to flood its enemies. The Briny Bellow attack will stagger a wide amount of enemies with a beam of water. Gyre Spume does similar damage and the final attack is Tsunami.

This fairy has a lot in common with foxes and rabbits and comes as bonus DLC content in the 1st Class Edition of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Her eyes are bright red and there is a ruby gemstone on its forehead. Her final attack is Reflect.

The Cactuar has tiny limbs and three hair-like strands on its head. It will attack anyone it considers a threat by shooting a bunch of needles at them. This is its signature move, known as 10,000 Needles. Cactuar is an available summon through the Delux Edition of FF7 Remake.

Chocobo Chick
This Summon is the infant of a Chocobo. These are creatures that resemble birds because of their yellow feathers but they do not fly.  The Chocobo Chick’s main tactic is using its head to attack objects. Chocobo chick is a pre-order bonus summon.

This is all the information we have on the Summons in the Final Fantasy VII remake. We’ll update this guide as we find out more.