How to Use Perks and Abilities in Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, Perks are used to add passive bonuses or abilities to your character. In this guide, we’ve discussed how to use Perks and Abilities in Wasteland 3.

How to Use Perks and Abilities in Wasteland 3

At the beginning of the game players will not have any Perks until they reach level 4 after which you will get Perk Points for leveling up. Perks can be unlocked by using these Perk Points.

Understanding Perks
There are 5 generic Non-Skill Perks in which any character can spend their points.

All of these are passive bonuses that feature increase in stats like resistance, health, armor, and quick slots for items.

For Skill Perks, the available Perks depend on how each character progresses up their skill trees. Skill Perks tend to unlock according to skill levels.

Equipping weapons usually grants an ability that acts as a perk. These abilities come with the weapons and you do not possess them through your skill points.

How to use Perks and Abilities
Perks can differ when it comes to their uses. You can use some of Perks as active abilities during battle or even when you’re not fighting anyone.

While some Perks can also be used as passive bonuses that can increase stats like combat speed.

Your skills will require you to use only one point until rank 3, after this, the cost for leveling up a skill will increase. You can max out a skill using 28 points at rank 10.

Whenever you encounter a situation where you believe that a perk ability fits, highlight the star icon that you’ll see at the bottom of your screen.

This will show all of your character’s abilities that currently apply. Select an ability and then left-click on the target that you want to use it on.

Using offensive perks and abilities during combat will usually always debuff or damage an enemy. But other perk abilities allow you to gain other sorts of benefits.

For example, using Tame Animals makes pet animals follow you and grant you passive bonuses.

As you level up, you will be able to unlock perks that will allow your pets to have more damage and resistance.

To have a better understanding of your perks and abilities, make sure that you go through all of them so that you have a better understanding of what fits well in each scenario.

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