How to Unlock Movie Theater in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley 1.4 update, there is a new building called the Movie Theater, that can be built after a player has ended their game. Once a week, players can watch a movie in the movie theater along with their friends. This guide will help you on how to unlock Movie Theater in Stardew Valley and upgrade it.

How to Unlock Movie Theater in Stardew Valley

Once you’re done with the Community Center, go ahead until you trigger a cutscene which will have the Abandoned Joja Mart in it. In the morning, head inside the building to search for The Missing Bundle.

The Bundle will require Caviar, a Prismatic Shard, Gold Star Void Salmon, Silver Star Wine of any kind, Dinosaur Mayonnaise, and 5 Gold Star Ancient Fruit.

After you complete the missing bundle, you will trigger another cutscene after which you will have to come home and sleep. During the sleep, there will be another cutscene.

Go to the Movie Theater after this cutscene, if you chose siding with the mart, the new movie theater will replace the warehouse or the community center.

To do this, go to the Joja Mart and talk to Morris. The construction will cost 500,000g. Once you’ve paid the amount, go home and sleep. Head to the Movie Theater after you wake up.

After you’ve successfully renovated the Mart or the Warehouse into a Movie Theater, you can now watch movies here at the cost of 1,000g.

You can watch new movies every season, the theater will feature a poster on its building for the upcoming movie.

Players can also visit the Movie Theater along with their friends while they are also allowed to buy their friends some refreshments or snacks.

The theater’s lobby has a crane game that can be played at the cost of 500g. The crane game includes prizes such as movie posters and plushies.

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