How to Unlock Hades True Ending

We bring you in this Hades True Ending guide the steps you need to follow to get the true ending and Pact of Punishment’s Extreme Measures 4, making the final boss even more challenging in Hades.

Hades 1.0 has launched, and with it comes a bunch of content to please both old and new fans alike. Finished with the game and wondering if there’s more? Well, the answer to that is yes, there is.

Hades True Ending

The first step towards getting the True Ending for Hades is to first defeat the final boss, the Lord of the Underworld himself, Hades.

Now that you have done that, you will find that exiting the area now will no longer result in Zagreus getting killed, or if you are a first-timer, than don’t mind the aforementioned detail.

Exiting will now take you to a new area called Greece. Just move through this new area to meet Zargeus’s mother, Persephone. You can try the nearby ponds for fish to get that fish related achievement in the game.

Talking to the new character will slowly reveal her story to you. But since Zagreus won’t be able to stay in the mortal realm for long, you will have to perform additional clears on the final boss.


You just have to keep talking to her; after you have spoken to her 9 times, there will be a change when you enter Hades’ arena.

Father and son won’t battle anymore. Just go straight from the area towards the gardens where Persephone is staying.

Now this will be your tenth and final visit. Persephone will now tell you that she’s ready to return to the Underworld.

Charon, the Ferryman of the Dead, will then take you on a river cruise across the Styx and Phlegethon. While this is happening, you’ll hear music from Orpheus and Eurydice as the credits roll.

And this is considered to be the True Ending for the game.

Extreme Measures 4

After getting the true ending, complete one more run.

After this, make your way to the House Contractor, and there you will be able to purchase the Extreme Measures 4 upgrade for 100 gems.

Your next step will be to activate the new upgrade, which you can do using the Pact of Punishment that will then push you down to 10 Heat.

Now with this upgrade activated, facing the final boss will be very challenging.

Aside from basic strength buffs, the most visible difference is during the third phase of the fight after you have already dropped the Boss 2 times.

Hades will now shroud the area in darkness and will retain most of his spells and abilities from the previous phases along with a healing spell, which is activated after you do enough damage to deplete him of 25% of his health.

But Hades has to channel to activate the healing spell, that is also when he will be vulnerable, so make sure to attack him then as to not allow him to regenerate health because if you don’t, he will heal himself by a considerable amount.

For this fight having Ares’ boon is a great tool because of its Blade Dash and Slicing Shot skills, consistently doing damage while staying on the move is possible.

Having Athena’s Boon can help with survivability; its Athena’s Call Aid skill is very good to keep Zagreus alive.

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