How to Train Your Squad in XCOM Chimera Squad

There’s more than one way to strengthen your agents in XCOM Chimera Squad. In this guide, we will be discussing How to Train Your Squad in XCOM Chimera Squad and how you can use Squad Training to better improve your agents on the field.

How to Train Your Squad in XCOM Chimera Squad

We have made this guide with the name of every upgrade you can get for your characters in XCOM Chimera Squad. All of them require a specific amount of time before they are applied to the selected agent.

Aside from getting your agents’ various upgrades from the Assembly, you can also go the extra mile and start upgrading their individual stats to boost their performance.

The feature is unlocked early on in the game where you will be able to give proper care and attention to your characters.

The higher the rank, the more options you’ll have for your agents. Certain benefits are exclusive to specific characters.

Upgrading your desired agent at the Squad Training in XCOM will; as a result, boost their stats, whilst also promoting them to a better rank in the game.

Upgrading your squad members also has the benefit of removing battle scars from them. Battle Scars are basically debuffs that affect your agents after missions that can impact their performance in future missions.

Training Time Upgrade
Resolve 2 Days Removes Shell Shocked Scar – Will
Marksmanship 2 Days Removes Blunted Scar – Crit Chance
Heightened Reflexes 2 Days Removes Sluggish Scar
Fitness 2 Days Removes Hobbled Scar
Unblock Potential 3 Days Unlock a perk (Different for every agent)
Mental Preparation 2 Days Removes Unfocused Scar (Psi)
Basic Conditioning 2 Days +2 HP

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