How to Teleport in Temtem

You will be learning How to Teleport in Temtem by the end of this Guide. This new ability can be...

You will be learning How to Teleport in Temtem by the end of this Guide. This new ability can be acquired as you venture the Cipanku Island and complete a certain side quest and we will be telling you the exact steps required to gain the Teleport ability in Temtem.

How to unlock teleport in Temtem

TemTem is a game filled with many adventures around the map of the Airborne Archipelago. There are multiple islands players can visit to fetch new creatures, do missions and go through dojos. However, it may take forever if you don’t have any help while moving locations. This is where the need for teleporting arises in the game.

Just like any game with the teleporting feature, in TemTem, this feature lets players transport from one location to another without having to walk hours and hours. But how do you exactly do that?

Once you reach Cipanku Island, you need to complete a side quest to gain the matter-transfer drone , which lets you teleport as well.

This quest is very interactive and requires players to vanish a refrigerator. Below, we will go through each, and every step needed to execute the quest well.

Refrigerated Vanishings side quest

Head to Miyako Village in Cipanku Island and talk to Mayu. Mayu lives in the house on the right side of the village. The exact location of the house can be seen below:

Inquire about her refrigerator to start the quest and then head outside to talk to different people in Neodo about the Vanished Refrigerator.

Asking around in Neodo
Once you reach Neodo, go to the first floor of the apartment building and start talking to a confused man standing in front of a fridge. He will tell you how the fridge recently appeared in front of him. After this conversation, you need to go to Neodo Izakaya and talk to Satoko.

Answering Satoka’s Questions
You can find Satoko at the bar in Izakaya. Now, here is the tricky part. You must make her believe that you are a traveler to get the matter-transfer drone.

She will be asking you 9 questions and we are going to list out the replies to each of the questions in order.

Q1. ‘What is the highest mountain on Omninesia?’
Answer: ‘Anak Volcano.’

Q2. ‘What is the biggest body of drinkable water in Tucma?’
Answer: ‘The Cenote’ and then select ‘The Kakama Cenote.’

Q3. ‘What’s the route from Upinzani to Vumbi?’
Answer: ‘Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi.’

Q4. ‘And from Arissola to Brical de mar?’
Answer: ‘Thalassian Cliffs.’

Q5. ‘How many towns in Deniz?’
Answer: ‘Four.’

Q6. Where can you find substantial deposits of volcanic crystal?
Answer: First select ‘The Mines of Mictlan’ and follow with ‘Aguamarina Caves’ and ‘Anak.

If you answer Satoko’s questions with the above-mentioned replies then she will believe that you are a traveler and give you the matter-transfer drone thus, allowing you to fast travel in Temtem!

If you couldn’t answer the questions properly, no need to panic as you can attempt this as many times as you like.

This drone will let you fast travel to specific locations that you have visited before which makes moving across the world of Temtem a lot more convenient

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