How to Tame Ferox in ARK Genesis

Ferox is a carnivore mammal in Ark Survival Evolved. Freox is not an aggressive creature and will run away on sight of player or any tamed animal, however, there is a chance that it will evolve into it’s mutated aggressive form. In its giant mutated form, it becomes extremely hostile and will attack any creature it can get its hands on, even non-mutated Ferox. This guide will explain how to find and How to Tame Ferox in ARK Genesis.

How to Tame Ferox in ARK Genesis

Ferox is a fox and ape-like creature found in Genesis’s snow biome, around 83.5, 47.6. the un-evolved harmless little Ferox can be found running around in bushes, like little monkeys.

Ferox can be tamed in two ways. One is the non-violently, or through the knockout method. It cannot be tamed in a mutated form.

To tame Ferox, approach it with “Element” in any inventory slot and use it on Ferox. Be ready, as this will mutate him and it will chase the survivor who used element on the Ferox.

Keep running until it reverts and repeat. Keep doing so until Ferox is tamed at the last revert.

One of the known tactics is casing it in a giant trap. Lure the giant form into the trap with a speedy dinosaur or any other speedy pets. Otherwise, if you are in a cave, feed it element and quickly grapple to the roof. Once Ferox reverts, drop and feed it again. Repeat to tame it. Same can be done with trees.

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