How to Solve Puzzles in Half-Life: Alyx

If you are stuck at a particular puzzle in Half-Life: Alyx and unsure of how to proceed, our guide will show you how to solve them all.

Half-Life: Alyx tends to be a motion sport, but there tend to be some puzzles that you can resolve in the game. There are a number of environmental puzzles that you will be able to try and solve as Alyx. Read this guide on all the puzzles available in the game and tips on how to solve puzzles in Half-Life: Alyx.

How to Solve Puzzles in Half-Life: Alyx

The puzzles in the game are randomly generated from time to time, while the techniques of solving these puzzles are rather the same.

Electrical Energy and Rewiring Puzzles
One of the issues that Alyx’s multitool will be used for, is rewiring electronics. It is one of the puzzles that you will have to complete in the game.

If one of the things is powered off, just search for the electrical panel, button, or the mechanism that requires for it to be connected and hover the multitool on the wall. Once you do this, the wires will begin to glow.

You can reroute electrical energy by hinting your multitool alongside a wall to observe it, and stroll while observing it. In this way, if you come across any wiring intersections, rotate them by urgent set off in the multitool.

Laser Internet Puzzle
This is one of the very difficult puzzles. You will need to seize the white orbs using your multitool, and then reposition them to align the purple lasers with the purple orbs.

All the purple orbs should intersect with the purple lasers, once the lasers are touching the purple orbs, the path will become blue, and once all the lasers are blue, the puzzle will be solved.

Orb Laser Tube Puzzle
In this puzzle, you’re required to join a laser by using a tube so that it aligns a purple orb on one more axis. To do this, make sure you use a free hand so that you can easily seize or rotate the floating orb until the laser crosses.

After this, you will have to adjust the orientation in a way that the laser comes out of the opposite side and intersects the purple orb. This puzzle requires you to position the system correctly by making the slightest of changes in the orientation.

Bullet Hell Puzzle
For this puzzle, you will need to carry the lock and key factors together by choosing both of them using the multitool and guide it by a dynamic maze of enemies such as a bullet hell.

For this, you will need to activate the multitool over what you need to manage here, and then continue by hovering or tracing it alongside the globe. You can use the other hand to rotate the globe.

There will be a couple of styles for this particular puzzle, which is why they can turn out to be an issue for you to solve. The puzzle begins with something that requires you to be rather precise.

Touching any of the shifting obstacles in the puzzle will result in failure and you will have to start the puzzle all over. There are three stages for the puzzle in which the difficulty level increases for each stage.

If you drop the lock or the key at any point of the puzzle, the puzzle will not be terminated since your multitool will be indifferent. In this way, you can relax yourself and take all the time that you need. Though, make sure that you’re distant from the area where the bullets are shifting and be cautious when you’re reengaging.

Laser Tripmine Puzzle
There are a few ways that you can use to get past a Laser Tripmine Puzzle. You can either shoot at them so that they can explode, or you can throw something so that they explode that way. Or, you can use Alyx’s multitool to get past these.

Without intersecting a laser, use the multitool to initiate the puzzle. You will be required to access a tiny orb by using a collection of hoops.

Here, you will also be chased by harmful purple particles. However, you do not need to worry if you’re not able to complete the puzzle and get caught by the particles since the tripmine will not explode.

It only explodes if your body intersects the laser’s trail. So, be wary of the placement of your arms and your hands while you’re trying to disarm it.

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