How to Setup Static IP

Small guide on how to setup Static Ip using service. It’s self explanatory for the most part but still for those who don’t know how to.

Step By Step Guide For Setting a static Name

1. Download No-IP DNS Client.

2. Install The Client , and it will ask you for an Email ID and Password . For the input to create an account on NO-IP’s database. You will be required to create a free account.

3. After the registration, you need to get a domain (The Name for your server). Login into your account at and click on ‘Add Host’ , and choose the desired name of your server (eg :

4. After you have created a host, quit the browser and login to the client by providing the email and password you just registered.

5. Refresh The Client’s Host List After it is logged in , by right clicking .

6. Then Check The Host Name you added on the account and it will confirm the DNS update.

7. Everything is fine now minimize The Client , Go Create your server and ask your friend to join “”

If you face any issue, there is a comprehensive getting started guide to help you configure your static Ip step by step.

Thanks @ Afnan Mir for This Tutorial.

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