How To Run Diablo 3 On Unsupported Graphics Cards

Learn how you can run Diablo 3 on unsupported graphics card.

Don’t have a good machine to run Diablo 3? Don’t worry, we have found out a workaround to play Diablo 3 on unsupported graphics cards. In these cases, you will most probably get an ‘Unsupported Graphics Card Error’.

To make your way around that error, go to libraries/documents/diablo III or C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\Documents\Diablo III and look for a file named ‘d3prefs.txt’. Open it and change:

  • DisableTrilinearFiltering “1” (from 0 to 1)
  • HardwareClass “1” (from 0 to 1)

Save the file and try to launch the game again. If you still get the same error, press ESC and game will load. Do remember though, there is a reason your graphics card is unsupported, so don’t any good performance out of your experience playing Diablo 3 on unsupported hardware.

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