How To Redeem Devil May Cry 5 Pre-Order Items

So if you pre-ordered the latest installment to the DMC franchise, not only do you get to pre-load the game....

So if you pre-ordered the latest installment to the DMC franchise, not only do you get to pre-load the game. You also get some bonuses within the game like alternate costumes for your characters. Steam should download most of these bonuses automatically, but here’s how you can properly find them in game.

Devil May Cry 5 Selecting Character Costumes

Now the pre-order has alternate costumes for the three protagonists as well as the heroine NPCs. For the playable trio, you can access their alt attires in the customization menu before a mission. For the ladies, you can access their outfits from the main menu. You’ll find it in the options under the customize cutscenes prompt.

What You Get From The Deluxe Edition And How To Access It

Just to clarify, the DMC V deluxe edition isn’t any sort of season pass that grants future DLC stories to the player. Rather it grants a few bonuses within the game. Here are those bonuses and how you get them.

  • 100,000 red orbs. These are automatically given to you as you start the game. Feel free to upgrade away.
  • Devil Breakers. You know, those Bionic arms Nero has. Specifically, the deluxe edition grants you Mega Buster, Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Gerbera GP-01. You can access these after completing the prologue and the first mission. When Nico starts explaining how the breakers work and you gain access to loadout customization, you’ll have these breakers.
  • Dante’s Cavaliere R. You’ll automatically gain access to this weapon after mission 9. I won’t spoil how you get it though.
  • Voice changes. You can change the voice of the dude calling out your combos by going to the Jukebox in the main menu.
  • Live Action Cutscenes: You can get these the same way you get the alternate costumes for the girls. By going in the main menu and then the cutscene customization option.
  • Battle Music: You can change the music and battle themes by accessing the jukebox in the main menu after completing the second mission.

Hopefully this guide answered any questions you had regarding accessing the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe edition content!

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