How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach MCC

Learn how the new progression system works in Halo Reach MCC on PC and how you can rank up fast with the help of this guide

Halo Reach is finally out on PC as part of the Halo MCC and everyone is excited to dive in and start grinding for those wins. However, the game might not be as you remember it on the Xbox so you might find yourself in alien grounds with the progression system. The game now has a global rank and a battle pass style progression system. In this guide, we will show you how to climb higher and rank up fast in Halo Reach MCC.

How to Rank Up Fast in Halo Reach MCC

The grind to reach Max Rank will start from day one and you should know the best method to farm your way to the top. This guide talks about the best game modes you should play for farming as many credits as possible whilst also enjoying your time with the Halo Community.

There are different game modes that will certainly reward you much more compared to others. A few we would recommend are:

The game mode that you might want to focus out of Firefight is Grunt Apocalypse. Personally, this was one of my most favorite game modes to play and I just genuinely had a blast playing with my friends.

With the fun, you get a decent amount of credits estimating to around 12,000 credits per hour.

The thing with Grifball is that it is a little more on the cheesy side of farming credits.

Back in the day, it used to give you a lot of credits if you just idled in the game; regardless of your score, you would ggain a bunch of credits as a reward, totaling to about 7000 credits per every 20 minutes, which is pretty hefty compared to any other game mode.

In exchange for credits, however, you will get no fun out of doing this whatsoever.

Living Dead
Living Dead is a great infection game-mode and extremely fun.

Depending on how long the game lasts and how high you score; the credits you earn will vary.

For an hour of consistently average games, you will gain 12,000 credits per hour easily.

Playing the Game
There’s really no better way to progress than to just immerse yourself into the depths of the game and enjoy whatever it throws at you.

Try out the campaign, try out different game modes, and really just soak in the experience with the community as you go.

You will find yourself enjoying your time as well as progressing your way through the game alongside the community of Halo Reach.

There are not currently a lot of ways to go about leveling up fast; the seasonal progression system is, however, convenient and allows you to play at your own pace, not having to worry about rushing to the end of the seasonal rank.

The game modes Firefight and Living Dead are really fun though and you might want to try them out considering it is good credit farming.

All things considered, enjoy the game at your own speed and let the game take care of the progression for you

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