How to Play Mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance

The Mastermind mode in Resident Evil Resistance lets you play as the villain in the game, where you can set...

The Mastermind mode in Resident Evil Resistance lets you play as the villain in the game, where you can set up zombies, traps, and all sorts of deadly stuff to kill the survivors. To help you understand the Mastermind mode and dominate the survivors, we’ve prepared this guide to help you understand How to Play Mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance.

This mode is incredibly fun to play, but only if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it can be pretty boring and slow. Mastermind is sort of like a dungeon master in RE Resistance.

How to Play Mastermind in Resident Evil Resistance

Before we jump into the tips and tricks, you should know what all the graphics on your screen represent.

In the lower-left of the screen is the Energy Bar. This shows you how many points you have to spend. You can get up to 10. These points can be spent to spawn the things shown on the cards at the bottom of your screen.

The timer on the top of the screen shows you much time the survivors have left. When your zombies or traps manage to damage the survivors, this timer goes down. When the survivors do something positive for themselves, like killing off zombies, they gain extra time.

When the Resident Evil Resistance match starts, try to get a jump on the survivors by spawning a zombie immediately next to their spawn. This may get you some easy damage in right at the start of the match.

Now, lock all the doors straight away to slow down the survivors and give yourself some time to build up your zombies and traps in the area. Put a leghold trap near the door so if they rush in, they’ll get stuck in it and take a lot of damage.

You need to spawn an Enhancer as soon as you can when playing Mastermind in RE Resistance. He’ll double up the speed of your zombies. Play as a Berserker and keep closing the door on the survivors.

This will bait them into rushing through the door and they’ll fall into the leghold trap. Remember to turn the lights off wherever you can as that will make it difficult for Survivors.

As soon as they come in, just go crazy on them and try to deal as much damage as you can. As they move forward, keep placing zombies in their path and keep closing all the doors.

Now, look for an objective which you can easily hold (typically the one behind a door) and load up the room with your zombies and traps.

As you can take over zombies in Resident Evil Resistance, do that as the Mastermind and keep closing the door for as long as you can to waste their time.

You’ll probably be able to use Mr. X and/or the machine gun at this point, but you should save these for the perfect opportunity.

If they clear the first area, they’ll get an extra two minutes. Instead of rushing them at spawn and giving them free points early, take your strong zombies and load them up in a closed room near an objective.

Once they reach this room, take control of a zombie and try to separate them and take away all the time you can.

If they clear this room, go to the other area with the objective and load it up in the same way.

As they make their way towards the objective, when they’re together and all cramped up, use your machine gun to take a weak survivor down and let the other survivors come running to help them. Once they’re all together, flash them and drop Mr. X.

As they’ll be blinded, try to get some easy hits on them. Since Mr. X is so large, doors can be his worst enemy. The best way to go through doors is by doing a Bullrush through them.

You can also use stalker to speed him up. The best time to use it is when a survivor is about to come close to you to get some hits in and expects to run away from you easily since you’re slow.

Use stalker here and you’ll catch them off-guard with your speed.

Focus on one survivor at a time while looking at your map to keep a note of where the other ones are going.

Try to corner the survivor to easily take them out; which will take 30 seconds off the timer. Keep spawning a zombie near the downed survivor to keep them down and take some time off the timer.

If you take down one or more survivors, the only way they can get to the next area if they complete all three objectives. If they’re not able to do that, you’ll win the match.

Most of the time when a survivor is downed in RE Resistance, the other ones won’t even try to go complete the objective. They’ll come running after the survivor so if you use this opportunity properly, it’s pretty much game over right here.

If the remaining survivors decide to go complete the objective instead, this will also work in your favor as you’ve already loaded up that room and now there are only 3 or fewer survivors left to try and clear it.

If they choose the latter and decide to make their way to the objective, load it up, even more, using the Mastermind points you’ll have collected by this time.

When they’re on their way, try to bait Jan into hacking one of the less useful cameras so by the time she reaches the room, she won’t be able to hack its camera and you’ll be able to see everything.

When they enter, use a blinding flash to make them panic and take over a zombie to try and separate them out using the door-closing strategy. If you haven’t won yet, you’ll most likely do so now.