How to Play Doom 2 in Doom Eternal

If you have the OG Doom 2 blues, this guide will show you how to play the game within Doom Eternal in all its pixelated glory

Doom Eternal kicks things up a notch from Doom 2016 in almost every way and includes some cool new easter eggs, some lying out in the open, whilst some requiring a really keen eye to be found. The community recently discovered that you could play the OG DOOM 2 within the game itself. In this guide, we will show you How to Play Doom 2 in Doom Eternal.

How to Play Doom 2 in Doom Eternal

Head back to the Doom slayer’s mancave, otherwise known as the Fortress of Doom. You will unlock most of the interior of Fortress of Doom by completing the 2nd mission of the game.

Head down to the second level in the Fortress until you reach the office filled with easter eggs and collectibles. Access the computer in the corner of the office, the same place where you enter cheats, by interacting with the CRT monitor with 2 ? icons on it.

These ? icons correspond to both the first two OG Doom games. In order to play Doom 1, you need to finish the Doom Eternal Campaign first.

To unlock OG Doom 2, click the file and type in the password which is FLYNNTAGGART. You will now be playing as yourself in an older version of DOOM, exciting! However, you need to have finished the 3rd mission of Doom Eternal before you can do this.

Time to slay demons in a very meta way in old school DOOM. It’s always really nice to see developers going out of their way to remember where it all started. Things like these make the game experience so much more memorable the very first time

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