How to Play As Tyrone in Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil 3 Remake multiplayer mode, Resistance, pits 4 players against a mastermind who will stop at nothing until all four of the individuals are completely out of the playing field. In this guide, we will show you How to Play As Tyrone in Resident Evil Resistance, arguably one of the best survivors.

Using their own wits and guts, the survivors must successfully overcome every challenge or be left at the mercy of zombies.

How to Play As Tyrone in Resident Evil Resistance

Tyrone is a formidable firefighter who is meant to be the guy on the front-line. Coordinate with your team, and keep Tyrone in the front at all times. He is a tank, and it is best that any incoming damage is taken by him.

Tyrone’s tanking is further complemented by his deadly melee combat. Using his skillset, he can keep enemies on edge, allowing for a huge window of opportunity for his teammates to dish out as much damage as possible.

Tyrone’s Skill

Rally (Fever Skill) – Being a tank, and a front-line fighter, the team will hugely benefit from being close to Henry. By using Rally he can increase the defense of his teammates, allowing them to take reduced damage for a short amount of time. Has a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Power Kick (Personal Skill) – This unique skill allows Tyrone to launch a kick at his enemies dealing a great amount of damage. Has a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Firefighter (Ability) – Originally being a firefighter himself, Tyrone is able to make his way through difficult situations a lot easier compared to other individuals. You will take reduced damage from traps.

Determination (Ability) – Regenerate health when low on HP.

Novice Gear (Equipment) – Auto-aim is activated, also uses available Green Herbs automatically when at low health.

Stay in the Front
Playing Tyrone, it is necessary to know that the team is going to entirely rely on your role of being a tank. If you aren’t there, then the team is basically a set of dominoes waiting to be knocked down.

You are the front of your team, protecting them from toppling instantly. Co-ordinate your positions in accordance with the tank, and move together in a team instead of being left alone.

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