How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

This guide covers everything about seeds in Valheim, how to plant seeds and where to find different types available in the game.

Seed plantation plays a vital role in Valheim as it helps growing up your own arsenal of snacks to keep health and stamina boosted. This guide covers everything about seeds in Valheim, how to plant seeds and where to find different types of seeds in the game.

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

Planting seeds is one of the basic necessities in Valheim and you should consider learning the process pretty early on in the game. The first thing that you require to plant seeds is the ‘Cultivator.’ However, the cultivator won’t unlock until you acquire Bronze.

To craft Bronze, you will need a smelter. So find 5x Surtling Cores and 20x Stones and craft them into a smelter. You can then use the smelter to turn raw copper into Copper Bars.

The next step is to craft a forge. You can craft a forge by mixing up 6x Copper Bars, 10x wood, 4x stone and 1x coal.

After you have successfully crafted a forge, you need to craft Bronze. In order to craft Bronze, you should mix up 2x Copper and 1x Tin in the forge.

After successfully crafting the Bronze, you should start crafting the cultivator that requires 5x Core Wood and 5x Bronze.

Having crafted the cultivator, head towards your farm and left-click on the portion of grass that you want to transform into soil. Next, right-click with the cultivator in hand. You will see the seeds that you are carrying. So select the ones you want to plant.

Moreover, you should not plant the seeds too close to each other. You need to give them enough room to grow or else they will just get wasted.


You and your tribe will need to settle down and start farming if you want to prosper in the world of Valheim. But before you do that, you need to know where to find the seeds of different foods like carrots, turnips etc. Read the below-mentioned details to find that out.

Carrot Seeds
I order to find carrot seeds, you must know how they look like. So carrot seeds basically look like three blue flowers on thin stalks.

In the early stages, you will stumble upon carrot seeds in the Black Forest biome quite often. Whenever you do, walk up to them and press ā€˜Eā€™ to collect a carrot seed.

Moreover, you should consider cooking carrot soup in the first place. Cooking the carrot soup will unlock carrot seed production of your own.

This way, your own grown carrots will return your carrot seeds and you will no longer need to look for them in the surrounding areas.

Beech Seeds
You will find various beech trees in the meadows. Chopping them down will reward you with beech seeds that you can grow into trees again.

Turnip Seeds
You will stumble upon turnip flowers when you visit the swamp for the first time. Swamp is the home to the game’s third boss and can be a pretty tough location. However, you should consider bringing the turnip seeds from there to your home and start farming them.

Ancient Seeds
These legendary seeds are pretty rare as they are boss spawn items. Having said this, they are found inside the burial chambers and chests in the Black Forest. Besides, you can also find ancient seeds by Greydwarf nest and are dropped by Brutes and Shamans too.

However, ancient seeds cannot be cultivated and are only used for spawning the game’s second boss ā€“ The Elder