How to Farm Greydwarf in Valheim

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about farming the Greydwarfs in Valheim.

How to Farm Greydwarfs in Valheim

Greydwarfs are the adult variants of the Greylings. They are very hostile monsters and mostly found in groups.

They attack players with rocks and afraid of fire. Throwing rocks is their ranged attack and they have melee attacks as well.

Greydwarfs are very annoying when they come to attack you in groups, but they’re well worth taking down. They are very easy to beat and reward you with stones, resin, wood and sometimes unique items like the Greydwarf eye.

The items that the Greydwarfs drop are well worth getting, especially because you need them to summon a boss.

The Greydwarf eye is especially valuable as it’s used to make Portals. So, farming these Greydwarfs is essential.

You can find them throughout the world, but they can easily be located in the black forest. They spawn out of nest-like objects in groups.

Don’t destroy the nest like object and kill them all until you’ve had your fill of items. The more Greydwarfs you kill, the more materials you will get out of them.

Wait for More
Once you have killed all the Greydwarfs, you have to wait for more to come. Just don’t destroy their nest and they will continue to came and provide you with the material you need.

The nest is the source of Greydwarfs for you. You can continue to farm Greydwarfs as long as you want without any problem.

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