How to Make Stronger Moonshine in Red Dead Online

Read Dead Online has various Moonshine upgrades introduced in the latest RDR2 Moonshiner Frontier Pursuit update. Moonshining allows players to start their own alcohol business in the game. In the start, you will only be able to develop weak Moonshine which will only get you a hundred bucks per shipment. However, you can change that by learning how to make stronger Moonshine in Red Dead Online.

How to Make Stronger Moonshine in Red Dead Online

As mentioned above, this guide will help you with making stronger moonshine in RDR2 through upgrades to your Moonshine Shack. Keep one thing in mind that even with these Moonshine upgrades, the flavor of your Moonshine also has a big impact on the selling price of your Moonshine in RDR2 Online.

Players need to buy a number of upgrades from the Moonshiner Store so that they may be able to increase the strength of their Moonshine. Head to the Moonshine Shack and talk to Maggie over here.

Go to the upgrades section of the store. There will be 2 upgrades over here that you will have access to, the Condense Upgrade, and the Polished Copper Upgrade.

Condenser Upgrade
The Condenser Upgrade will require a Moonshiner Rank 5, while it will cost you $825 and 2 Tokens. Once you’ve bought this and installed it, you will be able to get Average Moonshine, which will get you more fortune than the Weak Moonshine does.

Although, Condenser Upgrade isn’t enough for you if you really want to get into the Moonshine business. For that, we have another upgrade called the Polished Copper Upgrade.


Polished Copper Upgrade
This upgrade will be available after the Moonshiner Rank 10, and it will cost you $875 with 3 Tokens. Upon installation, the Polished Copper Upgrade allows Marcel to make Strong Moonshine which is the best Moonshine currently available.

If you add more flavors, you will be able to increase the selling price of the Moonshine that you’re producing after this upgrade

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