How to Make Money in Wasteland 3

Money is hard to come by but with our guide to making money in Wasteland 3, you should have no trouble sitting on a mountain of it

The world may have been devasted but you still need resources and money to get anything done. That is exactly why we prepared this guide to show you how to make money in Wasteland 3 so that financial concerns become a thing of the past.

How to Make Money in Wasteland 3

From selling junk to completing missions, there is an assortment of ways through which you can add money to your in-game wallet in post-apocalyptic Colorado.

Below, we have detailed every single method of earning money in W3!

Selling Junk
Your main source for loads of cash in Wasteland 3 is selling junk.

Junk items can be obtained from junk piles, dumpsters, containers, and even in the droppings of the enemies you obtained.

While the old school way of getting your hands on these junk items is to just follow the storyline and interacting with every lootable item on your path.

If you’re in desperate need of some quick cash, it’s best if you hold left shift on your PC to highlight the spots of these junk items.

You can also get some additional junk stuff by dismantling weapons which are not of much use to you.

To get the maximum amount of junk from this disassembling process, make sure you have Expert Disassembler Perk and at least level 7 of Weapon Modding Skill.

Upgrade the Toaster Repair Skill
Throughout your gameplay, you’ll find plenty of toasters that contain some pretty valuable loot including cash.

Given that you have a high-level Toaster Repair Skill, you can grind out the valuable cash from within and make good use of it for yourself!

Upgrade the Barter Skill
Having an upgraded Barter Skill is crucial if want to max out the payout you receive on selling a junk item.

To be exact, with each upgrade of the Barter Skill, you earn an extra 50% from selling items.

In addition to this, once you’ve surpassed level 7 of the Barter Skill of any one of your characters.

Also, after you acquire the Antiques Appraiser Perk which gives you a 5% chance when selling junk for it to be sold at 50x of its base value!

Count Cards in Little Vegas
For this method, you’ll have to savescum a bit. However, if you’re successful, you’ll end up swimming in piles of cash!

So, given that you have a Barter skill of at least level 4, what you have to do is that when you’re conversing with the Blackjack Dealer in Little Vegas, choose the option to cheat.

You’ll be able to count cards and invest over several bets.

Resultantly, your cost will be $100 while you’ll receive $360 as a payout.

You can repeat this process using harder skills chronologically – Barter 4, Barter 5, and Barter 6.

However, if you don’t have Barter level 6 and you leave after the second attempt, you won’t be able to participate again.

So, be sure to keep investing in that all-important Barter Skill.

Completing Missions
In Wasteland 3, completion of the primary and secondary missions rewards you with a decent amount of money.

The rewards of these missions include gear items like armors and weapons every so often.

In case you don’t need them or you’ve got better versions of them, you can simply sell them and rack up some extra cash.

A Drive in the Overworld
For this method, all you have to do is to drive around the Overworld in your Kodiak and wait to spot a cache that randomly spawns anywhere.

These caches basically contain scrap/junk and loot items that you can sell to earn some money.

However, for this strategy to work, you must ensure that you have a character with a Survival Skill of at least level 5 and also a character with a leveled up Lockpicking Skill.

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