How to Lose Cops Easily in Need for Speed Heat

Learn all about the aggressive cops in Need for Speed heat and how to lose them easily, no matter what car you are driving

Cops are going to be the bad guys in your story in the Need for Speed Heat and kind of a headache. But if you know how to get rid of them you can rock those streets and roads of Palm city. They are going to be relentless and if you do anything illegal in their proximity, it is going to be a hell of a chase and you will find a full battalion of Palm City P.D on your tail. But getting chased and then escaping those cops in NFS Heat will give you in-game reps and rewards like nothing else.

Lose Cops Easily in Need for Speed Heat

So if Palm City P.D is in proximity and you do some illegal stuff to upset them like speeding, crashing, off-road driving, hitting other cars and others properties, or any unsanctioned races, cops will come after you but the race will keep going.

Well, the simplest answer would be to not give them any chance to chase you. There is an indicator on your mini-map to always give you a heads up when cop cars are in your proximity. When the chase starts, you will see a flashing red circle over your car in the mini-map.

To escape cops in NFS Heat, you will have to get far away from the cops to the point where the red arrows which indicate cop cars are not in the circle that is centered on your car for about 20 seconds or so. When you get away for a longer period they will lose track of you and you will be free and an ‘Escaped’ icon will flash on your screen.

Sometimes there is also a helicopter chasing you when you are on the heat level 5, what you can do then is go inside any shade or any covered area after getting away from cop cars and helicopter will also get away after a few seconds.

Other than that you need to focus heavily on your car upgrades, and do all types of Engine enhancements. Also after reputation level 8 you will get the radar disruptor, be sure to get that from the customization as it will help you in getting away and will disrupt the radar signals of police cars.

There is also a kill switch jammer that you can use, it will make you temporarily immune to kill switch attacks and can be put in the active auxiliary slot. Well the nitro is going to be your friend in a heated car chase with cops so get this max out all the time and rocket away from the police in an instant.

There are some tactics to put the chasing cars off of you. You should look for straight roads and then sudden turns to get off-road. This will startle the chasing cops and you will be able to get away of you stay off sight for 20 seconds or more.

Always keep a look on your mini-map and you will have an idea of the forthcoming police cars and can dodge them easily. The last tactic that you can use is to bribe them out of the situation.

Keep in mind that even though it seems an easy way out but it’s not cheap and will not cost you less than $10,000 so keep a look on your cash while doing that, and it won’t even work if you have annoyed them too much.

After escaping from the cops in NFS Heat, you can either keep driving or just go to your garage or safe house to cash that bonus you just got.

There are quite a lot of rewards to escape that hot chase. During the day though, there is zero benefit in being pursued by cops but at night, things get exciting. Any reputation that you earn at night, will be multiplied by the maximum cop attention that you will get during that night.

For example, if you got a reputation of 5000 and then got chased by cops and Heat ranking was upto 4 and then you successfully escaped, your total reputation will be 5000 multiplied by 4, 20,000.

Keep in mind that this is only in the case that you manage to escape the chase, if your car gets pinned down or deactivated with remote kill switch or you get caught in any way, you will lose everything.

This is all from our guide on Need for Speed Heat Police chase and escape.