How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

This guide will show you how to level up faster than normal in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX to ensure you are always ready for the fight ahead

Leveling up your Pokemon is a very basic necessity of the game especially when it comes to chasing Bosses. This guide will show you How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX brings a whole new world of dungeons where you have to continuously face different new species of Pokemon. In order to defeat them, you need to level up your Pokemon.

This guide is about leveling up your Pokemon faster than the usual speed.

We will give you tips and tell you the tricks which boost the EXP farming and hence it level ups your Pokemon faster. So read on below for details on how to level up your Pokemon faster.

Leveling up also has the advantage of granting you extra bag space to carry items in dungeons so take your time with it.

Dojo Drills
You can participate in the Dojo Drills at the Makuhita Dojo. Dojo Drills are indeed the fastest way to level up your low leveled Pokemon as.

The reason behind is that while undergoing this training, the amount of EXP and Move EXP are boosted. The Pokemon is automatically revived when it is knocked out in a Dojo and hence you do not lose any items or money.

All you need to utilize in Dojo Drills is the Dojo Ticket every time you need to use the services. Keep fighting as many enemies as you can in order to level up faster.

There are different kinds of Dojo Tickets which you can get. The better the ticket, the more will be the EXP gained in the match as the Drill Duration is increased in the following manner:

Bronze Dojo Ticket 50 seconds Drill
Silver Dojo Ticket 55 seconds Drill
Gold Dojo Ticket 60 seconds Drill

Using Joy Seeds and Joy Ribbons
Joy Seeds are very rare and eating them raises your Level by 1!  As previously said for the Dojo Drills, ‘Dojo Drills are for leveling up your low-level Pokemon’, these Joy Seeds are basically for leveling up at higher levels.

The main reason behind is that Joy Seeds can only be found in the Dungeons late in the game.

Consider yourself very lucky if you run into one in the middle of an adventure!

You should go out looking for Joy Seeds in the dungeons and you will surely get some of them if you are lucky enough. After all, they are your free ticket to a level up!

On the other hand, Joy Ribbons work in a way that when equipped, the wearer earns EXP points as the turns goes by, even if the Pokemon doesn’t battle!

So the Pokemon wearing the Joy Ribbons passively earns EXP every turn. Same as the case of Dojo Drills, Joy Ribbons level up the low-level Pokemon way faster than the high-level Pokemon.

EXP Farming Tip
After completing a job, opt ‘No’ when you are asked if you want to exit the dungeon, and then explore each and every area thoroughly.

This will allow you to continue battling enemies as well as to look for Joy items, both boosting your EXP. Hence try to stay in a dungeon for as long as you can so that you go well prepared into the next one.