How to Invite Friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons features multiplayer support and in this guide we will show you How to Invite Friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons features multiplayer support, allowing you to invite up to four of your friends to traverse the lands and crawl through the dungeons. If you’re wondering how to invite friends in Minecraft Dungeons, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through the simple process.

The loot trading system when playing with friends in Minecraft Dungeons works a bit differently so keep that in mind when jumping in co-op.

How to Invite Friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Before you can start playing multiplayer, you need to first finish the tutorial of Minecraft Dungeons.

In this quick level, you need to save a burning village and then create a camp.

After you build the camp, you’ve finished the tutorial and are now able to invite a friend to play with you or join a friend’s game.

To do so, open up the character select menu and click on ‘Online Game’. Here, you have the option to either ‘Start Online Game’ and invite your buddies, or join someone else’s game under the ‘Game Sessions’ option.

If you invite a friend, they’ll receive the invite and will be able to join the game even if they’ve completed the tutorial or not.

However, they should definitely complete the tutorial first so you can get the Fishing Rod Artifact.

As of right now, Minecraft Dungeons does not support Cross-Platform play.

Minecraft Dungeons Local Multiplayer
Minecraft Dungeons even has a Couch Co-Op mode, where multiple players can play together on the same system.

Do note that if you’re on PC, all players must play using a controller as unfortunately, you can’t have one player using a keyboard while the other uses a controller.