Minecraft Dungeons Loot Trading Guide

You might end up with some loot that is useless to your playstyle in Minecraft Dungeons and this guide will show you how the trading system works

With all the monster-slaying in Minecraft Dungeons, and looting of new and powerful gear a question arises: How do I share my loot with my party members? In this Minecraft Dungeons Loot Trading guide we will tell you how loot sharing mechanics works and what loot items are sharable among you and your friends.

Minecraft Dungeons Loot Trading

Somewhat similar to other games of the same genre such as Diablo and Path of Exile, most of the loot you acquire in Minecraft Dungeons is instanced and can only be seen by you.

We have broken down the looting mechanics and how to share the loot with friends in the guide below.

Can you drop items in Minecraft Dungeons?
Unfortunately, there is no way for you to drop loot you have acquired, for other players. Since the game has a limited inventory space, if you do pick up useless items the only way for you to get rid of those items is to Salvage it from your inventory.

How to Trade with Friends in Minecraft Dungeons
As mentioned before, there is no trading system in Minecraft Dungeons. The loot you find is yours alone and cannot be traded or stolen by other players. Consumables and Emeralds are an exception to this as we will explain below.

Weapons and Armor
Weapons and armor are individual player drops, that is; if you get a shiny new weapon drop from an enemy you just killed, your party member will not be able to see it, and this goes both ways.

It can be any piece of armor or any weapon, if it drops for one player then it is for only that one player and cannot be shared whatsoever. This developer decision ensures there is no fighting over specific loot drops, so in our opinion, it’s all good.

Consumables on the other hand, are different from weapons and armors, and these are shareable items.

This means they will not drop only for individual players, but rather all squad members will be able to see when consumables drop.

This means that you should have good team coordination and the whole team should think carefully on who should pick what item.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you get consumables from supply chests then they work a little differently.

Whenever you get a supply chest, all the players in the team will be able to open the chest once and will be able to get whatever they want but the item will be available once only.

Emerald Gems
Emeralds are the most important thing in the Minecraft Dungeons as they are the main currency of the game, and are thus used to buy different items from NPCs.

Now first off are the gems that you will get when an enemy is killed and they fall off of them. These are instanced gems and you will have to get those yourself.

Just like with consumables if they get picked by one player the other player will not be able to pick them up so you need to let your teammates know when you find some gems.

This is all the info about the loot sharing in Minecraft Dungeons that will help you manage your loot much more efficiently when playing with friends.