How to Install System Software Update in PS4 From USB

I will have to say that one good feature in PS4 is its replaceable hard drive but if you want to replace your HDD, you will have to install the system software on it manually.

Luckily though, the procedure is not that difficult and requires only a few simple steps. Before we go to the steps required to install the system software manually, you are going to need the following:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • A USB flash drive. It must have atleast 1GB of space.

Note: Before you proceed with the fresh installation, you should know that all users and data will be deleted. You can back up the important data using any USB drive.

How to Install/Update System Software on PS4

Step #1
First, on the USB storage device, create a folder named “PS4”. After that, create another folder by the name of “UPDATE” inside that folder.

Step #2
You need to download the system software update file from the internet and place it into the “UPDATE” folder you created earlier.

Step #3
You need to rename the downloaded file to “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.


Step #4
Now, make sure that your PS4 is completely powered off (no light is lit). If you have an orange light, touch and hold the power button till you hear the second beep.

Step #5
Connect the flash drive with the update/system software file to your PS4. Now, touch and hold the power button for seven seconds so that the system boots up in the safe mode.

Step #6
Once you are in safe mode, select “Update System Software”. Follow the rest of on-screen instructions to complete the process. After the system reboots, you will be ready to use your PS4 with the replaced hard drive.

Note: If the console doesn’t start the update, check if you have named the folders and the file correctly. System won’t recognize the file if the labels are incorrect.

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