How to Increase Reputation in The Outer Worlds

When playing The Outer Worlds, you will often end up making choices that can either negatively or positively impact your...

When playing The Outer Worlds, you will often end up making choices that can either negatively or positively impact your relationship and reputation with the different factions in the game. Not only that but it can also affect the ending you get so needless to say; it’s pretty important.

We’ve prepared this handy guide that covers how reputation works in the game, as well as how to improve it.

Reputation in The Outer Worlds

Your reputation with a faction in the game is determined by your actions throughout your playthrough.  Simply put: You help a faction member and they will like you more.

You will meet several different factions throughout your adventure and you can raise your reputation among them. As this happens, you get lower vendor prices within that faction with discounts that can range between 15% and 33%.  Plus, the faction members will treat you nicer.

However on the other end of the spectrum: you’ll get a bad reputation with the faction if you do something to hurt them. If you keep on making them angry; they’ll eventually become hostile and attack you on sight. If that happens, you can’t ever patch things up.

This can be the result of you doing too many activities that hurt them or finishing a quest that ends with a bunch of them getting killed.

Improving Reputation

The quickest way to cozy up with and boost your reputation among a faction is to finish quests that you get from their members.  Interact with NPCs among the different groups you encounter and they will give you tasks to perform.

These mostly consist of you picking up items and delivering them to the faction member who gave you the task. These are a great source of XP and give you slight boosts in reputation.

Quests That Impact Reputation

There also some quests that feature different factions and depending on how you finish them, earn you one faction’s favor along with the other’s animosity.

Sometimes you get quests specific to that particular faction and you just have to complete it to boost your reputation among them. Other times you have to finish certain quests in specific ways to garner the favor of one faction while harming the other.

The table below lists every way you can improve your reputation with the different groups and factions in the game:

Faction/ Group Reputation Related Quests/ Tasks
Auntie Cleo The Doom That Came to Roseway Give Anton his researchThe Amateur Alchemist Give Vaughn the research results
The Board Convince Thomas and Grace to return to Edgewater At Central Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Balance Due The Puppet Masters The Demolished Woman Long Distance The Long Tomorrow Give medicine to Constable Reyes Worst Contact Pay off Jessie’s debt or put her to work
Deserters Stranger in a Strange Land Divert power to Botanical Lab and convince Reed to leave Edgewater A Few Kindred Spirits The Frightened Engineer
Groundbreaker The Distress Signal Give research to Gladys Solution Vital The Silent Voices
Iconoclasts BOLT with His Name Free Huxley Odd Jobs for Bronson in Amber Heights Little Memento Find Ash’s “keepsake box” Pay for the Printer Complete the mission Help the Van Noys first for extra rep with no penalty Sucker Bait
Monarch Stellar Industries BOLT with His Name Errors Unseen The Grimm Tomorrow Get Grimm his tossball poster Herrick’s Handiwork Get Caleb his raise The Stainless Steel Rat Eliminate Elijah’s gang
Spacer’s Choice The Long Tomorrow Convince Thomas and Grace to return to Edgewater
Sublight Salvage & Shipping Be nice during your first interaction with Catherine in Fallbrook Space-Crime Continuum The Ice Palace The Chimerist’s Last Experiment Pratkings Return Nelson’s drugs Slaughterhouse Clive Kill Clive

So as long as a faction isn’t hostile towards you, any existing tensions with them can be resolved by doing them favors or finishing quests in their favor.