How to Heal in Stoneshard

Survive the tough battles of Stoneshard and prepare yourself for more as we teach you how to heal in the game and make sure you are at your best

In this guide on How to Heal in Stoneshard, we’ve given every information possible for healing, recovering from pain along with how to fix intoxication.

The health system in Stoneshard is really complex to understand if you’re a beginner. It requires knowing how to heal, recover from pain and battle intoxication.

How to Heal in Stoneshard

In Stoneshard, health plays a very important role. There are three stages of health that can alter your gameplay; healing, pain and intoxication.

How to Heal
Once your health drops below max, healing should be your only concern. Healing takes place when you’re out of the combat and into your resting zone.

In order to rest, all you need to do is press the R key. This allows your character to recover your health by entering a zen-like state.

When in combat, you may get frustrated as healing during a combat is quite difficult since health recovers after every few seconds.

But if your opponent interferes during your recovery process then your health regeneration will start over.

Meaning, if your recovery takes 6 seconds and your opponent attacks you on the fifth second then your health regeneration will start over.

Therefore, you should always take rest before combat in place of taking rest during a combat. Especially when facing bosses like Ascended Archon.

Pain is an important part of your character’s performance in a battle. It’s an aftermath of getting injured. Your body starts to pain after you’ve received damage on your limbs or torso.

If you don’t recover at the right time then pain may take over your body.

Pain affects the health regeneration of the character. Which eventually affects your performance in a combat or even in a resting state and if the pain is really critical, it may cause your character his/her life.

Now, how do you fix this pain? Well, start off by applying split to the area that pains. Once that part of the body is stabilized, your injury will recover soon and you’ll no longer have any negative effects.

Also, if you want to completely get rid of pain then use painkillers.

However, taking painkillers can cause death due to intoxication. Which leads us to the third stage of health, intoxication.

How to fix Intoxication
As mentioned before, taking painkillers even alcohol or herbs can lead to intoxication. With merits like recovering from pain, these medicines also come with drawbacks.

To check your level of intoxication, simply press C in the character sheet, visit the second tab and there you’ll find full details of your health for head, torso, right arm, left arm, left leg, and right leg.

As you get hit in a combat, your body takes damage and you get a negative effect. You get notified when you break an arm, start bleeding etc.

If you’re bleeding than that effect fades away after some while however, if you’re in bandages then you can get treated, on the spot!

In the end, the only thing that can cure intoxication are antibiotics as they’ll remove any remaining trace of the poison left in your body.

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