How to Heal in Returnal

Returnal is a challenging game to play. Players often find it difficult to save themselves from enemies as enemies constantly swarm them with very little room for breathing. Our guide on healing will show you how to heal in Returnal and covers all the options that you might come across during your playthrough to keep you topped and locked.

How To Heal in Returnal

The two ways for healing in Returnal, are healing items and healing buffs. Many buffs are found during the game. Buffs can be pretty helpful to keep you alive as you kill more and more enemies on the field.

Healing items are another source of regenerating health in Returnal and are reliable as well. The first healing item is Silphium and the second one is Inert Reclaimers. Silphium although is easier one as other one demands dealing with enemies.


Usually, every room must have a healing item inside and are one of the main healing items. Although finding Silphium in Returnal, is a rather difficult task, once you excavate biomes, it becomes much easier to find HP. There are three sizes; large, regular and small. Another way is Silphium Resin to increase your HP to the maximum value.

Whenever one upgrades HP, you can gain Silphium Resin to get larger Resin at the end. Larger Resin can fill two slots. Another option you have is to gain access to HP items at the beginning of each and every biome.

You can use them by pressing L1 but keep in mind that they can only be used once. You can either create them in a fabricator or you can get them by defeating your enemy.

Inert Reclaimers

You can get them in Echoing Ruins right at the start of the game. To get your health right, just activate them but keep in mind that they can make the enemies appear suddenly. If one is skillful enough to deal with the enemies, then these are a good option for healing by getting your health restored and increasing your suit integrity.


This is another valuable source for increasing your suit integrity and health as well. The parasite will appear randomly through a drawer, so if you get them with some luck by your side, it’s really the best bonus that one can get.

The only drawback it carries is that one can gain parasite randomly through drawer only, and there is no guaranteed way to get yourself one of these. However, this can be overweighed by the fact that this will not cause any malfunction, so there is no need to worry at all while trying this option as well.

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