How to Hatch Eggs Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Breeding is an important part of the Pokemon franchise as it helps you get off-spring Pokemon with potentially better stats....

Breeding is an important part of the Pokemon franchise as it helps you get off-spring Pokemon with potentially better stats. The same is the case with Breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield. I remember when I played Pokemon Emerald and ran around the entire map just for the eggs to hatch. In this version of the game, however, you can employ a few steps in order to make the eggs hatch faster. Let’s give you these instructions on how to hatch eggs fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Hatch Eggs Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Before I tell you exactly what to do, what you are going to initially need is the Flame Body ability on any Pokemon. What this does is, keeps the Pokemon in your party warm and consequently, lowers the time required to hatch the egg in your inventory, drastically.

The Pokemon you are going to need is Carkol or Coalossal.  Simply evolve your Rolycoly into a Carkol which will eventually evolve into Coalossal. You can find them in Galar Mine, Giant’s Cap, Stony Wilderness, Bridge Field or in Max Raid Battles. Once you have them, check if they have the Flame Body ability. If they do, then you are set to go, if not, then it might take a few more tries to finally get what you want.

Hatching the Eggs
We will now have a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability. What you want to do now is, move out all the unnecessary Pokemon, and just keep your Pokemon with the Flame Body ability and all the Eggs. There are two ways you can do this, both methods are fast. One is automated while the other is a bit more manual.

What makes an Egg hatch is how much the Trainer moves. So, what you want to do to automate this process is. Go into options, and check for the Vertical and Horizontal Camera Controls. Put them on the Regular Setting.

Now grab something elastic, preferably a rubber band and tie both Joysticks together with the help of this elastic substance. This will cause your character to move in constant circles, which should hatch your egg eventually. It takes a maximum of 3 to 4 minutes for any egg to hatch.

An alternative method, should you will to use it, is to go to the Route 5 Nursery, and simply go up and down until the egg hatches.

You can boost the speed of this process up by collecting Watts in the Wild Area and simply interacting with the Watt Trader. You should then have the ability to do the turbo more often. The ability may cost a lot of Watts so you might want to save up on this. Having the additional speed will definitely speed up the hatching process even more.

Personally, I just use the rubber band technique and idle away while my eggs hatch. It’s convenient. The extra few seconds you gain by using the Turbo Method just does not feel that worth it to me. Hopefully, by following these methods, you will be better able to build up your new roster of Pokemon with formidable stats

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