How to Get Your Own House in The Outer Worlds

Adventuring through countless planets in space in a vast universe of The Outer Worlds you might wanna have someplace to crash. To sometimes set back and relax in the game if you are enjoying it and playing it a little too much, you will definitely need a place. So you can actually own a place in The Outer World, all you need is a Fallbrook Domicile Key to rent a house.

How to Get Your Own House in The Outer Worlds

First, you need to go through the main campaign until you unlock the place called Monarch. There, you will have to meet Nyoka in a bar at Stellar Bay and will have to find something to cure her hangover. After that, you will be free to explore Monarch. You will find a place named Fallbrook when you do just get inside.

About halfway through the street from where the settlement starts, you will see Catherine Malin at her bar. Just approach her and ask her for an apartment as she sell apartments on rent, usually for one night or so but she will notice that you are worth keeping so she will offer you an apartment permanently.

Price may vary, so you will have to pay the price she asks for and you will get the Fallbrook Domicile Key. After getting the key just head down the street to your new home.

Inside your new home, you will have a workbench and some storage. This house will give advantage to those players who are playing on Supernova difficulty as it will play the role of a safe house and players will not have to head back to the ship every time and they can stay there on a dangerous planet