How To Get Vixy In Palworld

For the early-game farming.

Feeling lonely? You need to get some pals you can hang out with! Vixy is a great option in Palworld. Not only is this cute little fox easy to catch, but it also has a few great abilities that you will find really helpful.

If you’re interested but don’t know how you can get a Vixy, worry not because we’ve got you covered. This guide will detail everything you need to know about Vixy, including its habitat, skills, and element type.

Vixy location in Palworld

The Palworld Vixy is a fox-type animal that is found roaming the Palpagos Island. It’s of a neutral elemental type and is weak to Dark elemental type Pals. The island that it can be found on is located in the southern region of the map.


Vixy’s habitat remains the same whether you are hunting for it in the day or at night, and can be found during either of the two.

More specifically, you can look for Vixy(s) around the large pointy rock with stalactites, just a bit north of the first syndicate tower. Try to be around level 5 and you will be able to catch them with just a spear.

How to catch Vixy

When you have spotted a Vixy on the said island, you must first weaken it if you want to catch it. You could go for its weakness and attack it with a Dark elemental type, but make sure that they don’t go too far and kill it instead.

When the fox is weakened, you must throw a Pal Sphere at it to catch it and claim it as your own!

This little buddy isn’t so good at combat, but it has other useful skills you’ll dig – the Dig Here! Skill. This skill allows Vixy to dig up some useful items for you, including more Pal Spheres and Arrows. Other than that, you can even use this creature for Farming and Gathering.

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