How to Get VIP Membership in GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort?

In this GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting the VIP membership.

The Diamond Casino and Resort is an exclusive luxury resort in GTA Online that lets you bet on games, purchase an exclusive penthouse, and is even part of a heist that players can perform. However, gaining access to these places and amenities requires a membership.

In this guide, we’ll review acquiring a member for the Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA 5 Online. We’ll also cover the exact location of the Resort in case you’re struggling to find its exact location.

Diamond Casino Location in GTA 5

The Diamond Casino in GTA 5 is located on the northeastern outskirts of Los Santos, along the corner of Vinewood Park Drive. It is right from the Vinewood Police Department building and next to Downtown Cab Co.

The map image above gives a better sense of where you must go.

How to get GTA Online VIP Casino Membership?

The first thing you have to do is go to the Casino, where you will be welcomed as a new customer and shown the interior. To get directly to the business and get over with the VIP membership, just go to the general desk, and you will be asked to pay $500. This will give you access to your brand-new penthouse, although you can only play and bet on some basic games at this stage.

You would want to buy the exclusive penthouse to get the best out of Diamond Casino. The cheapest one available will be $1,500,000 (1.5 million). This will be enough to unlock all the exclusive stuff, high-stakes games, casino features, and a new mission (Ms. Baker’s mission).

You can also upgrade your penthouse later in the game, but for all the features, you do not need to pay more than the basic price.

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