How to Get The Chameleon Exotic AR in The Division 2

Increase your collection of exotic gear by collecting the Chameleon AR in The Division 2 and devastate your enemies with this guide

With the release of Episode 3 of The Division 2, a new exotic assault rifle has been added to the game known as The Chameleon. This guide will show you How to Get Chameleon Exotic AR in The Division 2.

Exotic weapons are unique weapons that have unique attributes in excess of their regular weapon abilities. Chameleon is another one of these weapons that has just launched in the latest episode.

How to Get Chameleon Exotic AR in The Division 2

The post-launch episodic content of The Division 2 includes all sorts of weapons, loots and new mission. Exotic weapons are another special feature of the additional content.

Despite being an assault rifle, The Chameleon is a short-range weapon, with its accuracy diminishing quickly over the distance.

However, its the talents that make The Chameleon a viable choice, as when they are active, the weapon inflicts greater damage and critical hit damage overtime along with increased reload speed.

It is important to note beforehand that Chameleon is not a mission/task-based weapon award, but a random drop.


The talents on Chameleon are activated once you’ve completed a certain requirement while using the weapon. They are as follows;

Adaptive Instincts

  • 30 headshots grant: +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s
  • 60 body shots grant: +100 weapon damage for 45s
  • 30 leg shots grant: +150% reload speed for 45s
  • Overlap: When holstered, gain +5% weapon handling

Farming Chameleon

Bounties – Head to the main menu and locate the bounties on the map where the chance of an assault rifle drop is higher. Farming bounties at higher difficulties will increase the chances of a drop.

Targeted Loot – Head into the map to find targeted loot menu and see the missions that are currently offering increased drops of assault rifles.

Play through these missions on challenging difficulty or higher. Note that bosses are more likely to drop the weapon but there have also been reports of the weapon dropping from normal red enemies.

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