How to Get The Angel Hunter Mask in The Division 2?

This guide contains all the information and locations you need in order to learn how to get the Angel Hunter mask in The Division 2

Players in the Division 2 community discovered eight masks to be found in the new expansion of the game, Warlords of New York. We have previously covered how to get the Divide, Psycho, and Drip Hunter masks in The Division 2.

This guide will show you How to Get the Angel Hunter Mask in The Division 2 Warlords of New York. The process isn’t as similar to what you did for the Psycho Drip and Divide Hunter masks. This one requires you to find Lion Eyes, stored in fridges, out near the island’s shore.

Pair of Lion Eyes #1

The Division 2 Angel Hunter Mask

The first Lion Eye is located on St NW, North of the White House, in Jonns’ Burger Shop. Head to the marker and go inside the restaurant; you can find the Eye in the refrigerator next to the vending machine.

Pair of Lion Eyes #2

The second pair can be found back of the DZ West in the Donut Shack. The refrigerator can be found at the back of the shop in the kitchen.

Pair of Lion Eyes #3

The Division 2 Angel Hunter Mask

The third pair is at the Riverside Gas Station control point. Go into the station and open the fridge to grab the pair.

Pair of Lion Eyes #4

Next, head to downtown East into the burger joint. The refrigerator can be found in the kitchen.

Pair of Lion Eyes #5

The Division 2 Angel Hunter Mask

The fifth pair can be found in a Noodle Bar on Judiciary Square. The refrigerator is again in the restaurant’s kitchen. Open it and grab the pair.


Changing world difficulties will remove all Lion Eyes from your inventory and you’ll have to start from scratch

Pair of Lion Eyes #6

Head to the Constitutional Hall and enter Kobes. Go behind the counter and open the refrigerator to find the final pair of Lion Eyes.

Spawning the Hunter

The Division 2 Angel Hunter Mask

All that’s left is now to go and plug the eyes into their respective Lion Statues. Head to this location on the map to find the first Lion Statue.

Plugging in the first set of eyes will result in the Lion rotating about its position. When it has stopped rotating, the Lion will be looking at the direction you have to go. Generally, each Lion statue points at the next Lion statue you need to go to.

The first four statues are pretty easy to find and close by. The fifth statue, however, is considerably further than the previous four statues. Remember that you have to follow the direction of the Lion’s Line of Sight.

After inserting the pair of eyes in the final Lion Statue, one Hunter will spawn that should be easy to take out.


In certain cases, the final Lion Statue may not work for you. It is important to note that this is not a bug and mostly happens when the player forgets to collect a pair of Lion Eyes. Ensure you collect all Lion Eyes before attempting to solve the puzzle.

The Division 2 Angel Hunter Mask

Killing the hunter will reward you with the Angel mask in The Division 2. He’s not that hard, however, he can deal a considerable amount of damage if given the chance; make sure you stay behind cover when he gets ready to fire and you should be golden!

We recommend taking on this foe with a full squad so he doesn’t give you a tough time. If you die while fighting any Hunter, you have to restart the entire quest line, including the collection of the Lion Eyes. it should be noted that the mask provides no stats or benefits and is simply cosmetic.

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