How To Get Smoldering Ember In God Of War Ragnarok

Smoldering Ember is a rare resource that you will need to upgrade some of the most powerful equipment in GoW Ragnarok. As it is a rare resource, getting it is also more complex. You will need to travel to Muspelheim and complete six crucible trials to get the Smoldering Ember as a reward in God of War Ragnarok.

We have prepared this guide so you can know complete details about how you can make your way to Muspelheim and get Smoldering Ember

How to travel to Muspelheim

Muspelheim is home to the fire giants and as such is basically a realm filled with fire and brimstone. Makes sense that an item called Smoldering Ember would be located in this area. If you want to travel to Muspelheim, you must complete certain requirements. Both these requirements are given below.

The first half of Muspelheim seed is inside a legendary chest in the Modvitnir’s rig. To get the second one, after starting the Spirit of Rebellion favor, when you see a big statue take a left to find a chest with the second half of the Muspelheim seed.

Draupnir Spear is the second thing that you will need. You will find it during the main story, so it is easy to find.

How to get Smoldering Ember in God of War Ragnarok

Once you are in the Muspelheim realm, make your way to where the crucible challenges are located and complete the 6 trials mentioned below

  • Trial 1: Weapon Mastery
  • Trial 2: Flawless
  • Trial 3: Ring Out
  • Trial 4: Feed the Rift
  • Trial 5: Population Control
  • Trial 6: King of the Hill

Completing these challenges will reward you with items like the Smoldering Embers. You will get 20 Smoldering Embers for getting the bronze rating in the challenge.

Similarly, if you get a silver or gold rating, you will get 35 and 50 Smoldering Embers, respectively. After getting the Smoldering Embers, you can use them to upgrade your GoW Ragnarok equipment.

However, completing these challenges takes a lot of work. So if you are having difficulty completing them, you can lower the difficulty settings as there are no trophies for God of War Ragnarok that are tied to difficulty so you can easily complete the challenges on easy mode.

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