How to Get Season Points / Unlock Rewards in Halo Reach

Learn about the newly added season pass progression system to Halo Reach and how you can get season points to get items with this guide

With the release of Halo Reach on PC as part of Master Chief Collection, there is now a new progression system in the game through which many new in-game items will be added for players. This new battle pass system for Halo Reach unlock rewards as players level up their pass. This guide will tell you how to get season points and unlock rewards in Halo Reach for tier upgrades.

This means that each new season will come with new cosmetics items and rewards that you can earn and when the season ends these rewards and points will remain in your inventory forever and most of them are free. Even, you can play to unlock the items from the previous seasons that have ended and they will stay with you in the game too.

How to Get Season Points / Unlock Rewards in Halo Reach

In order to get your hands on the new seasonal items, there are the seasonal points that you need and they are earned through the game itself. You need to complete the activities in the game on dedicated servers in order to get up on the global ranking and you will earn these seasonal points.

These activities can be multiplayer in the matchmaking queue or can be online Firefights. At the end of each round of Firefight, you will also be rewarded XP and will be based on the length of the match and earned medals as well. After getting maximum Global Rank for the ongoing season it will be rolled over to allow you to climb through to earn even more season points.

Rewards in the Halo Reach work in tiers and there are currently 100 tiers and they offer hundreds if cosmetic rewards. These rewards include Helmets, Firefight Voice-overs, Armors, Chestplates and many other utility items. And the best thing is there is no buy-in for these rewards and they are absolutely free for you to have forever.

In order to see and get those available rewards you need to go to the main menu of Halo Master Chief Collection and open ‘Options & Career’ and on the next window choose ‘Season’ as it will have a world like icon, next screen will show you all the tier rewards of the current season.

Use the menu at the top to browse through all future rewards as well. Those season points that you earned will be used here and you can get these rewards by spending them.

This is all you need to know about earning points and then unlocking rewards with them in Halo Reach. Alongside the new progression, the Halo Reach remaster will also add or refine better gameplay like modern graphics, mouse and keyboard support.