How to Get Guardian Games Medals in Destiny 2

Destiny 2's Guardian Games event is live till May and in this guide, we will show you how to get and complete medals to progress in the event

The much-awaited Guardian Games event for Destiny 2 is here and guess what? These games involve a competition based on challenges assigned through shiny medals. The medals system might be a bit confusing to some people so we prepared this guide on how to get Guardian Games Medals in Destiny 2.

How to Get Guardian Games Medals in Destiny 2

These Guardian Games challenges happen on a daily basis between the three central classes of the game: Warlocks, Hunters and Titans. So, it’s time to prove that your favorite class is better than the others.

So, how exactly do you get these Guardian medals?

The colorful motes seen on the ground – Laurels are the key to these medals. There are three tiers of medals to choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Once you have enough Laurels, you can go to Eva Levante at The Tower and purchase them.

If you are wondering what Laurels are, these are the new items that are dropped by the enemies killed from a grenade, charged melee, or super abilities.

If the enemy was killed by the same class as you, you bag 3 points when picking up the laurel, while enemies eliminated by a different class will only get you 1 point.

Each Guardian Games medal embarks you on a challenge of different difficulty levels. The order of competitiveness is the easiest of bronze medal to the most difficult of gold medal.

For instance, the Bronze medal for the Crucible demands the defeat of 10 guardians, the silver medal requires you to obtain Laurels during a match while the gold medal requires you to beat a whopping 50 guardians! Difficult challenges, of course, result in better, more satisfying rewards.

Once you have completed a Guardian Games medal, go back to The Tower to turn it in.

Approach the podium at the center near Eva where the three flags (Red for Titans, Blue for Hunters, Yellow for Warlocks) are and turn it in to retrieve points.

The more medals you complete and turn in, the more points you get, and hence, the more chances you have of winning the Guardian Games.

If winning the Guardian Games is not what you’re looking for, then you have an interesting option of completing Medals across all three classes as you are not bound to a specific class for the event.

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