How to Get Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2

Learn how to farm the new seasonal currency, Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy with the help of our guide

With the release of Season of Worthy, there is a new ‘seasonal currency’ available in Destiny 2. These Encrypted Warmind Bits can be used for a number of things and this guide will show you How to Get Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2.

How to Get Encrypted Warmind Bits in Destiny 2

Warmind bits are very useful for looting caches that are then used to receive good loot. This is a very important collectible item in the Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 and you might be familiar with it already.

So these are like traditional Warmind bits but a little different because they can be used to open some special Rasputin loot caches.

You will find these Rasputin loot caches after the successful completion of the Seraph Tower public event and legendary lost sectors rather than just using them to upgrade Seraph Warsat Network.

The Encrypted Warmind Bits can be received through daily bounties first and foremost that you get from the Rasputin bunker.

There will also be some bounties which give you this encrypted warmind bits while some will give you regular warmind bits.

To ensure that this piece of collectible is on the list of rewards, just read the bounty’s description. There are traditional and random bounties that you can keep doing for more encrypted warmind bits as well.

Stock up these items as much as you can and you will be able to do so as you go through the legendary lost sectors and complete Seraph tower public events more and more.

As the season continues, you will see more of these daily bounties appear with more bunkers opening across the solar system like Obelisks of Osiris.

The rewards will keep on increasing in the season and the encrypted warmind bits will become more valuable as well so you want to pile up on them so you can open Rasputin caches.