How to Get Behind the Waterfall in Jungle in New Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap’s Waterfall in Founja Jungle houses a secret path that goes behind it, blocked by a Liepard in the way. We’ll be showing you how to get behind the Waterfall in Jungle in New Pokemon Snap by effectively moving Liepard out of the way.

How to Get behind the Waterfall in Jungle in New Pokemon Snap

A long waterfall at the end of the Founja Jungle is among the Pokemon Snap’s earlier branch routes. One of New Pokemon Snap’s main gameplay features is to unlock different branching routes in courses by figuring out different environmental puzzles.

Almost every course has a branching path, some of which are much more visible than the others. However, getting to this particular path is fairly difficult compared to any of the other side-routes found in the game.

Founja Jungle has many pathways, including a road leading the player to a massive waterfall at the end of the course. The waterfall provides a chance to make good pictures of some Pokemon. But players need to first figure out how to move Liepard blocking their way.

Move the Liepard
The first step is to move the Liepard out of the path that takes you to the Waterfall in Founja Jungle. You will need the Illumina Orbs or the Melody unit for this. This allows you to play music that is exclusive to specific Pokemons. They will react to it in their respective ways. In both stages in Founja Jungle, you only need to achieve research level 2.

The Liepard has to be moved based on whether you travel through the jungle during the day or at night. If you have Illumina Orbs, access the Founja Jungle Day version, and pass the Liepard from a distance by throwing an Illumina Orb on the Liepard. Afterward, you may even have to use Melody, but various players showed different results.


Once you have the Melody, just return to the Liepard. If it’s day, you will first have to use the Illumina Orb, but it will be sleeping by default at night. Click on the R to play a melody and shoo away the Pikipeks. If they don’t, throw fruits at them.

Let your camera face Liepard, or the Pikipek won’t wake up while playing the melody. You can take a picture and the Liepard will follow it. There is now a clear path that leads behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle.

The Founa Jungle Waterfall is Now Accessible
The rest is quite simple with the Liepard out of the way. All you need to do now is check the question mark icon which is where Liepard formerly was. This will enable the NEO-ONE to take a new direction that takes it to your ultimate target behind the waterfall in jungle.

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