How to Get Armor in Halo Reach MCC

Learn how the new progression system works in Halo Reach MCC and how you can get new armor for your character with this guide

With the release of Halo Reach on PC, a lot of things have changed compared to the 2010 version. One of these changes is how you obtain armor. With a few tweaks in the progression system, you might find yourself lost; this guide will help you to understand what exactly you need to do and how to get armor in Halo Reach MCC.

How to Get Armor in Halo Reach MCC

The progression in Halo Reach works akin to what you might have seen in other games as a Battle Pass, only in Halo, these are called Season Rewards which you can obtain by simply progressing through the game, and you do not have to pay anything extra for it.

You can use this guide for the entire Master Chief Collection on PC.

To get a gist of the new progression system, go into your options and click on the “Options & Career” button.

Click on the current season, and you will see all the rewards you can claim. During the initial grinding, you will find yourself claiming a considerable amount of helmets.

The first tier itself gives you three helmets. Going through each tier requires you to use Season Points, and there are a max of 100 Tiers available with various unique rewards.

To earn season points; you will have to play through the various activities of the game; and when you level up, you gain a season point.

The various rewards through the Season Progression consist of Helmets, Voice-Overs, Elite Armor, Armor Effects, Wrists, Knee Guards, Shoulders, Utility Items and Visor Colors.

The new progression system really gives you something to look forward to and with new seasons on the forefront, it will continue to diversify the game as time passes.

With the new elements added to the new Halo games, you will find yourself with plenty of things to do, and if anything confuses you be sure to check out our other guides regarding the Master Chief Collection.

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