How to Fix PS4 Freeze, Crash and Brick Issues

The next generation of consoles has finally been kicked off with Sony’s PS4 being released to masses. Those who pre-ordered the console must have received it already.

I, being a gamer, can understand the feel one can have after receiving something like PS4. I would want to open it up as soon as possible and get into the action straight away. I believe that most of you would want to do the same.

However, some buyers out there have been left in agony as they are experiencing different issues and are unable to run their PS4 properly.

The most common is the PS4 Freeze issue in which console doesn’t get to the interface and the blue light keeps on blinking.

This probably happens because the console is unable to read the data from the hard drive. If you didn’t know already, PS4 does allow you change the hard drive. So you can remedy this with the following workaround:

Warning: Use the following fix at your own risk, we won’t be responsible for any damage done.

  • Turn off your console. Now, you need to unplug your hard drive.
  • Now, you need to power up the console without the HDD. Your console will start in the safe mode and will ask for HDD.
  • Turn off your console now and plug back in your HDD and turn the console on again.
  • PS4 will boot in the safe mode again. This time however, it will be able to recover the data from HDD. Ultimately, your console will get to the user interface.

Again, it’s just a workaround that might work for you. If you still can’t manage to run it properly or it keeps getting frozen/bricked, I will suggest that you wait for the official word from Sony.

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