How To Find Coeurl Whiskers In Final Fantasy XV – A Better Drain Lance II, Upgrade Drain Lance

A requirement for the A Better Drain Lance II quest, Coeurl Whiskers are a treasure item that allow players to upgrade the Drain Lance used by Noctis. The quest is given by Cid at Hammerhead Outpost after players have completed the first quest of the chain available during Chapter 2.

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Final Fantasy XV Coeurl Whiskers Locations

Unlike some other treasure items that are needed to upgrade weaponry, Coeurl Whiskers are actually acquired by killing Coeurls throughout the world of Final Fantasy XV. These extremely nimble leopards aren’t just roaming around everywhere like some of the other monsters in game so it can take some time and leg work before players find a Coeurl.

To further increase the chances of Coeurl Whisker drop, players should use weapons or abilities that allow them to target appendages so whiskers aren’t damaged when killing.

One easy location to find a Coeurl is in Keycatrich Ruins which the players will visit while doing the main story quest of Final Fantasy XV. It should be noted that the Coeurl is in the ruins not the Keycatrich Trench dungeon. Once in the ruins, players need to proceed to the abandoned tank in the ruins, pass through the rocks and they will easily spot a Coeurl on the left.

Another possible place to find Coeurls is in eastern Kelbass Grasslands. The eastern side of the area will have a hill and slightly to the west of that hill is where Coeurls spawn. If this location doesn’t work out, players can then head to Secullam Pass.

After driving to the Secullam Pass parking area, they need to head right, up the path and towards the Tomb of the Just. This area, near Thommel’s Glade is where Coeurls spawn somewhere in the woods.

Once players have acquired Coeurl Whiskers, they can head back to Cid at Hammerhead Outpost and wait until he upgrades the Drain Lance.

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