How to Find and Defeat James Dragov in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Find and defeat James Dragov, one of Keener's Rogue Agents with the help of this The Division 2 Warlords of New York guide

This guide will walk you through the entire process of locating James Dragov so you can easily complete the ‘Neutralize James Dragov’ mission in Warlords of New York. In order to take down this Rogue agent, follow our guide on how to Find and Defeat James Dragov in The Division 2 Warlords of New York.

Find and Defeat James Dragov in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

The first objective of this mission is to ‘Assault Dragov’s stronghold’. Dragov is the Rogue Agent controlling the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in The Division 2 and it is up to us to bring him to justice and get one step closer to taking down Aaron Keener.

You start off this mission by simply eliminating some low-level enemies. As you walk further, some higher-level enemies will start to show up. Some of them will even have shields.

You have to tackle high-level enemies with patience. If you focus all your fire on them, the rest of the low-level enemies will quickly chip away at your health. Take care of the other enemies first, then focus on the high-level ones.

Locate Dragov’s Stockpile
After you eliminate all of those enemies, the second objective ‘Locate Dragov’s stockpile’ will start.

Go through the entrance on the left of the bus, jump over the fence and go through the door to your right. In this room, you have to fight some enemies again.

The enemies can come from both the ground floor and from above, but this shouldn’t be that difficult as there aren’t many of them.

Take cover and kill all of the enemies, then make your way up the stairs. Force open the elevator door and get up on the other elevator to the left, and force open the door in front of you.

Secure the Stockpile
On this floor, the ‘Secure the stockpile’ objective will begin.

There are a bunch of hostiles in this room. Some of these can be hard to spot as they are on the far-end of the room, especially if you are playing on a low resolution.

Use a sniper rifle if you’re having trouble with them. Or you can just rush them, but the former option is much safer.

Go into the part of the room with the orange light, then go through the door on the left.

Reach Street Level
This is a very simple objective. All you need to do is make way down to ground level, while killing all the enemies in your path.

Find A Way To Exit The Building
Jump over the fence, which is on the left of the ‘Our Town Our Rules’ graffiti. Interact with the computer to open the door and exit the building.

Reach The Financial Exchange Building
Once you’re out of the building, this is where the difficulty really ramps up.

You’ll be greeted by the unrelenting fire of a machine gun attached to an ATV. Set up a turret next to you to take care of the low-level enemies and only peek and fire at the ATV when the machine gun stops firing. While it’s firing, just wait behind the cover.

Some enemies will start throwing grenades at you so have to keep an eye out for them. Once most of the enemies have been taken care of, run forward and get behind the pillars of the building on the right when the machine gun isn’t firing. Now, fire at the side of the ATV.

Run through the hole in the wall in the wall front of you, then peek through the door to the left and kill the enemies. Then, go through the door and shoot the ATV from the backside to finally blow it up.

Loot the area and then run forward, going through the bus-gate. Kill all the enemies here to complete this objective.

Secure Dragov’s Den
Enter the ‘Arena & Gym’ building through the glass door and get ready to fight some more hostiles.

These enemies will be a bit more technical, as they’ll attack with all sorts of grenades and flashbangs. Get up on the elevated platform to the right of the entrance to get some cover.

After you take care of the enemies near the entrance, move towards the left side of the room and kill the hostiles there. Then, move up the stairs to the second floor. Take care of the enemies here to finish this objective.

Reach The Financial Exchange Building Again
Exit the building through the backstage and kill all the enemies on the balconies. Go to the orange checkpoint and shoot the balcony above you to make it drop down, so you can jump into the window of the Financial Exchange Building on the left

Reach and Secure The Trading Floor
After jumping through the window, turn left, then right and go into the casino. Jump down to the ground and go through the exit. Go through the gate on the left and kill the enemies there until the power goes out to complete this objective.

Defeat The Rogue Agent James Dragov
Once the power comes back, the final objective of this mission will start.

You now have to wipe out all of the enemies in this floor. James Dragov will come at you with a shield, accompanied by two other hostiles with shields.

Dragov will be very challenging to kill. Grenades will be your best friend here.

Him and his partners will come at you in a group so use your grenades to damage them all at once. Use stun grenades to stagger them, then unload your magazine on them.

This room is quite dark, so turn up your monitor brightness to see the distant enemies clearly.

There aren’t that many other enemies aside from Dragov, so this mission is actually not that annoying compared to some of the other ones. Dragov just has a ton of health, so you have to keep moving around the room and shoot at him from a distance.

Once you hear ‘Minigun power restored’, grab the Minigun from the box with the X mark on it in the Guns & Ammo spot. Tear down his shield using the Minigun and finally kill James Dragov. You have now completed the mission!

Completing this mission will reward you with the Explosive Sticky Bomb skill.