How to Defeat Trolls in Valheim

Facing these deadly beasts without a strategy will surely result in defeat, but don’t worry, this guide is here to help you by telling you How to Defeat Trolls in Valheim.

How to Defeat Trolls in Valheim

Among the many formidable enemies in Valheim, Trolls are among the most noticeable ones as they pose the greatest threat.

The two types of trolls you’ll come across in Valheim are Mountain Trolls and Forest Trolls. Let’s take a look at the differences between them and where they are found.

Types and Occurrence

Forest Trolls are green in color and found mostly in the deep forests around the Camp Ruins. They move comparatively slow and are easy to avoid. They don’t chase the pray for too long as well.

The Mountain Trolls are blue and are found in highly elevated mountains. These tend to run at longer distances, so if they spot you, they will surely chase you for a long time.

Now that we know where you can expect to find these trolls let’s talk about taking them down and the right strategy you must employ to counter them.


How to Defeat a Troll

Melee attacks aren’t preferred against the trolls because they can hit you hard and take away a considerable amount of your health with one blow.

These trolls may even also knock down the nearby trees, which might fall on you and damage you a lot.

Therefore, you must stick with ranged attacks and not let the troll get too close.

Keep your distance and keep using your ranged weapon to slowly deplete the troll’s health.

To keep the recommended distance from the trolls, you must only jog and then shoot the arrows to lure the troll in.

Once it gets closer again, jog, and if necessary, you may even run to avoid its attacks. Repeated long-ranged attacks will surely bring the troll down.

The trolls undoubtedly drop some promising loot, but you can expect to find even much more from the troll caves!

In these caves, you will find treasure chests and random goodies like Yellow Mushrooms, Coins, Amber Pearls and much more.

Therefore, don’t forget to search well for all you can collect from both the trolls and the troll caves.